Half ball Jeweled Labret Piercing

What is Labret Piercing?

So have you tried the new labret piercings? If not, then you must try this coolest and newest lip piercing on the block. It is the trendiest and also has a matching name for the Gen X which is a cyber lot. When we are doing everything on the internet, why not get a cyber piercing on our lips? The piercing along with its name appears cool, trendy and of course quite geeky as well.

Labret piercing is a combination of Medusa and a standard labret piercing. Labret studs are the best options for cyber piercings because they suit both the one that is done on top of the upper lip and the one below the lower lip. You can use other jewelry items once your labret has healed. You can replace it with circular barbells, lip loop or captive bead ring.

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Labret Piercing Variety

However, for the perfect labret piercing look, the labret stud will be best for Medusa. It will not interfere with the lower lip piercing and will provide easy movement as well. You can replace the lower lip stud with a captive bead ring later if you wish to. That ways you will have an opportunity to experiment with your look also. Once you have decided to opt for cyber piercing, you have to find a reputable piercing parlor for having a cyber piercing.

Since, this piercing requires precision, never go for a novice or amateur. Cyber piercing requires the piercer to find symmetry between the 2 piercings. The one above the upper lip must be directly opposite to the one below the lower lip to have a vertical effect.

Some people use similar jewelry items while others use dissimilar ones. This decision is totally up to you. Piercebody offers wholesale bulk body jewelry stunning items for every piercing enthusiast.

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This half ball jeweled labret piercings offered by Piercebody at an affordable rate is made from surgical steel which is the safest material for skin with stones set inside the ball. The stones are available in a wide range of colors which will help you to decide which combinations you wish to have. You can either go for blue and pink or green and red; the combinations are endless. The stones will glitter from a distance and you will be showered with loads of attention for this bold style statement of yours.

So, become a cyber dude by flaunting your cyber piercing!

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