L Shaped Nose Pins

Concept of jewelry has changed dramatically over the past few decades. If hoops and large rings were signature retro jewelries, presently danglers or large tops earrings are in. In addition to the trend, several new types of jewelries are also introduced. Even a few decades ago, body piercing was not a mainstream fashion. But now, as it is quite a popular trend, different jewelries are coming up every day. Labrets, belly rings, barbells etc are just a few examples. Though nose pins and rings had always been a part of mainstream accessory fashion, l shaped nose pins are their modified versions which was required once body piercing became hot trend.

L shaped nose pins are made of finest quality of sterling silver. The stem of these studs are l shaped with different shape attached at the other end. And in this little room, a lot of variations are made. Heart, ball, painted, crafted or other similar patterns are attached at front end. Nose pins with gems accent are the most popular one. These are comfortable and trendy. Safe metal makes it comfortable to wear without apprehending any kind of reactions or rashes. Sterling silver is a very common jewelry metal. Its color enables you to wear them for any occasion- formal or casual.

The nose pins are usually of 20 grams. Vibrant and bright colors are used to make them distinct and desirable. Length of the pins is just apt so that you don’t feel any kind of discomfort. They come in a small plastic box with clear cover and hold about 20 pins. They are both assorted and same pins. The box is well cushioned so that your prized possession remains safe in storage.

You will find this particular variety of nose pin in all jewelry shops. But when you are looking for exclusive items, you should find them online. There are numbers of online retails especially meant for body piercing jewelries. Most of them are trustworthy. You can place your order with them. Price of the single box of l shaped nose pins would be higher than multiple boxes. Since this makes a wonderful gift for your girl friends, you can buy them in bulk. You can save up to $2 per box. Ask your friends or colleagues if they have placed order with any such sites or not and if yes, if they are satisfied with the product and service. Word of mouth is still the most reliable source of feedback. You can visit www.piercebody.com also where you will find different jewelries and all at a competitive price.

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