Knife With Rose Stainless Steel Casting Pendant

Knife with Rose Stainless Steel Casting PendantGive the world a lesson in chivalry by sporting a classic Knife With Rose Stainless Steel Casting Pendant on your neck. It tells the world of your deep seated conviction to protect something that you hold dear. The design is not a common one though and you may well have to explain the meaning to almost everyone you meet. Of course that is part of the charm of owning such a pendant. You get to stand apart instead of being grouped together with your friends and acquaintances.

The knife in itself is a dangerous weapon and is usually used by a killer. However, you have to be close enough to kill while the rose represents a thing of beauty and is considered to be a symbol of love worldwide. Look at the lovely pendant closely. The knife is not through the rose but you find it alongside the gorgeous flower. This might be termed as coming together of opposites and you might make a headway by gifting to a girl you admire. The casting pendant captures every essence of the shapes and you can actually weave a story around. Both the danger as well as the beautiful flower are attractive in their own way but they make a formidable duo together.

You may have tried your hand at casting your jewelry for it became the norm just a few years ago but trying to get something as beautiful as this unconventional rose and knife pair is not too easy and is best left to experts who have years of jewelry casting experience behind them. Stainless steel is a hard alloy and does not melt easily. Its durability and hardness makes it rather difficult to try by yourself. There is no need to be disheartened though. Just log in to and look around. The magnificent knife and rose shape is sure to catch your eye. Take a long hard look at the image on the webpage and consider descriptions carefully. The shape, the metal, and the price must excite you enough to buy it.

Rest assured, the quoted price of $5.99 is simply too good to be true. Contact the company and be assured of its affordability before you order it. You might also consider more of the same item as gifts for your friends. It is a perfect piece for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

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