Rock An Stunning Look with Jewelry Rook Piercing

Jewelry Rook Piercing is also called as a Rook. Rook piercing is wearable across the inner ridge of ear cartilage.

How good your rook piercings goes is based on the anatomy of your ear. Few people tend to have pronounced ridge of cartilage that is simpler to pierce, but needs slicing through greater amount of flesh. Smaller ridges do not have more cartilage to be pierced through, however can be bit difficult for piercer to get. Both the ways, it is yet a relatively easy procedure to a professional, experienced piercer. All cartilage piercings tend to share the similar risks as well as aftercare mishaps. It is necessary that you follow proper aftercare instructions and act quickly when you start showing any symptoms of infection after start wearing Jewelry Rook Piercing.

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Rook piercing is done if the anti-helix or cartilage between outer and inner conch is pierced. But, not everyone’s ears got a pronounced enough ridges, thus not everyone can get this specific piercing. If you spend much time with a headphones or phone pressed against your ear, you will know that this is not a practical piercing, because of the pressure being applied to the piercing.


Common Jewelry Rook Piercing Designs 

The common body jewelry utilizes for rook piercing like a barbell or ring. Typically, 16 or 18 gauge jewelry employs from fresh piercings. Because of the placement in the ear, dainty jewelry suggests to keep the piercing feeling and look its best. There are many jewelry rook piercing collections to choose from. Before piercing rook, make sure that the tissue is sturdy enough in order to support the jewelry. Jewelry Rook Piercing will migrate when jewelry with large gauge utilizes in a narrow rook. But jewelry with thin gauge or even micro jewelry migrates as well.

There are many different jewelry rook piercing choices including rings like rook piercings, which includes ball closure rings, smooth segment rings and circular barbells. It is necessary to get a rook ring that has proper size and suits your ear. The sooner you know the size the possibilities are countless.

jewelry rook piercing

  • Dragon Sterling Silver Circular Barbell

The wearer of this Jewelry Rook Piercing can able to reveal a daring and brave look due to the amazing attraction of dragon sterling silver Jewelry Rook Piercing. This is really a standout piece of circular barbell that will be perfect for rook piercing. The circular barbell features a cool dragon that measures 5 mm and also completes with a high-end sterling silver material rook piercing. In order to ensure the safety of the jewelry, it uses a surgical stainless steel.


  • Tribal Blade Sliding Charm Captive Bead Ring

This is one of the distinct pieces of Jewelry Rook Piercing that deserves your attention. The superior standard 925 sterling silver charm enhances up by tribal tattoos. The display of tribal based edginess to this classic captive bead ring makes it a fresh and best update to an already pleasing item.


  • Rose Sterling Silver Circular Barbell

Rose sterling silver circular barbell is a craft that is from surgical grade stainless steel in order to ensure safety. It sportes with a pretty rose charm that measures 5 mm. It has a design that uses a quality 925 sterling silver. This ultimate circular barbell is great for body piercing of most types, which include eyebrow, belly, lip and all other varieties of cartilage ear piercings. Its use as Jewelry Rook Piercing, however is widely popular.



  • Micro Spike Horseshoe Circular Barbell

This is a 16g micro circular barbell in a micro spike horseshoe. It forms as a design that use 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It is also from an alluring 4mm spikes.  Piercing jewelry come from high quality body jewelry. This breathtaking piece of jewelry rook piercing could also remain as an exceptional addition in your body piercing jewelry collection.


  • Delicate Rose Sterling Silver CBR

Finding such a pleasant design in a unique piece of jewelry, this CBR is sure to make heads turn. This CBR creates a traditional look with a surprise that grasps at the close. The bead sported in this ring is an attractive little rose featuring unisex style. It is more convenient as well as easy to clean without the need to removing it.  Jewelry Rook Piercing secure for use in both new and healed piercings.



  • Sliding Charm Sterling Silver Captive Bead Ring

Sport in this sliding charm sterling silver CBR and make an excellent twist to an already stunning piece of piercing jewelry suitable for almost any sort of body piercing. Intends to suspend from astonishing captive bead ring creates delicate sterling silver feather. This jewelry design has a feather charm that moves freely around the barbell. CBR completes in 316L surgical quality stainless steel in this barbell while the feather charm is with sterling silver. This Jewelry Rook Piercing is really the must-have for anyone having a great interest in body piercing.


  • Coiled Snake Sterling Silver Captive Bead Ring

This CBR is an appropriate match for any wardrobe and ensemble. Captive bead rings are the major staple for almost all piercing types and also complement any personality and look. Its pleasant appeal intends to move through the barbell that renders a classic captive of needed flair. The pretty snake coiling decorates delicately to enhance a perfect piece of sterling silver CBR.


Your piercer should have to determine which gauge is best according to the prominence of the ridge of your cartilage. Appropriate sizing is very significant for successful healing. When it comes to Rook Piercing Jewelry styles, your options are mini barbell curve, CBR or circular barbell. Cartilage piercings are normally tricky, so they normally take three to six months to get a handle on finally.

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