Jewelry anchor

While the traditional body piercing jewelry inserts a piece of jewelry into your pierced skin, the anchor piercing jewelry actually implants one under the sub-dermal tissue of the skin.
The jewelry that is implanted under the skin acts as an anchor to hold the jewelry that is to be placed on the skin. This jewelry is the latest modification in the popular world of body jewelry.

This type of piercing can be carried on in almost all parts of the body where the skin is flat.


Grade 23 Solid Jeweled Titanium Dermal Tops        Crystal stone Dermal Anchor Top        Logo Dermal Anchor Tops

Anchor jewelry piercing is also called dermal piercing and many people who have come across the idea of such a piercing are going for them. The dermal jewelry sale is increasing day by day. There are many kinds of dermal jewelry available like black dermal
that have a black shiny ball or even a flashy stone.

Dermal jewelry is available for piercing in the hip area as well and one can find many kind of hip dermal jewelry like hip dermal ring.


SS Disc Dermal Anchor Tops         Dermal Anchors with Black Half ball Top         Grade 23 Solid Titanium Surface Piercing

If you are someone interested in just a single ball or gemstone inserted in a flat area of your skin, then you should buy micro cheap dermal
These little flashing dermals are not just cute but enhance the sex appeal of the area they are inserted in.

These anchor jewelry are available in many wholesale body jewelry store and retail body jewelry store. Dermal anchor are available at cheap prices and one can find any design that one thinks would suit him/her.

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