Jeweled Star Top Dermal Anchor

Jeweled Star Top Dermal AnchorsAre you a beginner to body piercing or have only a single earlobe piercing on your body? Do you feel like having one more piercing or having a different kind of piercing on your body? Then dermal piercing can definitely satiate your desire for experiment. A dermal piercing is a one sided piercing which simply goes in through your skin but does not come out, instead stays inside and the piercing heals with developing tissue. You can achieve different styles by making a particular pattern with dermal piercing. Using several dermal piercing jewelry items this pattern can be achieved.

The one offered to you by piercebody has a wonderful star as an anchor and is made of titanium G23 with surgical steel top. These are two of the most skin friendly metals that have been used to make this particular item. The surgical steel anchor comes with a hole which helps in gripping the skin properly and prevents the item from migrating. The jeweled star top adds sparkle to the jewelry item making it visible from afar. The stones come in a wide range of colors from which you can choose anyone you feel like wearing.

This is the best option if you are a beginner because titanium, surgical steel and biocompatible polymers are all skin friendly options. These are great for particularly sensitive skins. Though for normal skins also the same kind of metals are used for first timers. If you are allergic to any metal, then it is advisable to let your piercer know about it beforehand. Along with being made from different metals, dermal anchors can also come in various base shapes which range from oval to circular and square. Again, they can come with or without holes and also with varying post positions.

There is a variety known as dermal skin drivers which come with permanent tops. The top cannot be changed in this variety and hence choose something that you really wish to wear. This type is also known as the all-in-one dermal anchor. As far as tops are concerned for the first timers; fairly flat tops without any edges or ones with healing posts are preferred by piercers for first timers. Everything depends on the position of your dermal piercing and also whether your skin is prone to swelling. Once, your piercing has healed completely you will be able to change tops unless it is a diver.

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