Jeweled Star 14k Gold Earring

Let the stars shine forth! Yes, they are sure to do so when you go out sporting an exquisite pair of jeweled earrings fashioned out of 14K gold. The stars so meticulously carved into the yellow metal do have a cold shine that is reminiscent of the heavenly body it mimics. The high quality CZ stones look tantalizing in the design and you are sure to sigh in delight when you first come across this beautiful design thanks to Your pleasure is sure to be doubled when you happen to glance at the price listed. Wow! It is just $32.44, an amount that you are not likely to miss even though you may not be drawing a six figure salary at present.

The spectacular jeweled earring looks amazing too. It is no ordinary ornament though and doesn’t dangle submissively from your ear lobes. Nor does it stick fast to your piercing. It hugs the contours of your ear on the contrary bringing the lovely ear into focus. No doubt you become the center of attention everywhere you go.

The gleaming yellow metal may be of 14K gold but definitely looks pricey. You have an added advantage of competing with the rich and happening crowd unwittingly as your fantastic jeweled star 14K gold earring is talked about in hushed tones causing many envious glances coming your way. Your choice of jewelry is yellow gold that is incredibly warm and you are sure to enjoy many a blissful moments while flaunting the pair firmly entrenched in your ear.

Remember to follow a few basic rules though especially when you are about to hit the most happening club in town. Opt for the warm colors like all shades of yellow, brown or orange that will be able to catch the glitter of your gold earring perfectly. Combining white and yellow gold is not done, however. There will be a clash of colors making you stand out in an unflattering way. It is okay to team a bit of silver with gold though especially when now the latest trend is to mix and match. It is your personal taste and style that’s going to matter on any given day. So, go out and enjoy life to the fullest while you choose to beckon your sweetheart with this particular 14K gold earring inlaid with fabulous cubic zirconia that looks just like real diamonds. Gaze at him with stars in your eyes as well as in your ears this time!

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