Jeweled Star 14k Gold Ear Pin

Ear pins are a type of jewelry that is a class apart. You can actually imitate the divas who are proud to display several piercings by conveying the same effect without the resultant pain. Yes, it’s true! Your ear pin gives you a classic look that is both sophisticated and intricate although you may have only one tiny little piercing on your ear lobe. The elongated item is enough to evoke a lot of envious sighs as well. Well, who can resist a great looking ear pin that too made of gold that gleams with an inner radiance and bathes your entire body with a golden yellow hue.

The beautiful piece of jeweled star in 14K gold can certainly take you aback as you experience a burning desire to possess it well and truly. The five pointed star encased firmly within the ear pin is no doubt lovely to look at but it is also one of the most popular shapes of jewelry worldwide. While you can cherish it for its aesthetic value, you are equally welcome to wear it for its cultural significance depicting the five ends of the earth according to the ancient Greek culture.

The Christian talisman of a pentagram signifying the wounds of Christ can be appreciated while choosing to wear this serene item close to your chest at all times. Fear not, it will not tarnish. The shine may dull a little though with the passage of time especially when you continue to keep it on your body night and day. However, you can restore the shine just as easily simply by cleaning the ear pins with a mild soapy solution o fluke warm water and a soft brush. Remember to dry off the jeweled star 14k gold ear pin thoroughly though as the CZ studded area may get affected if you leave water droplets clinging to it.

Think over the advantages of possessing a 14K gold jewelry over a pure gold of 24K next. You sure do not want to go through all kinds of security arrangements in order to keep the burglars from getting at it, do you? It will also be considerably easier on your wallet just $32.44 at You definitely cannot hope for anything that resembles class without having to deal with the disadvantages of a traditional jeweled item at such a cost effective rate.

Be sure to check the cubic zirconia that comes to you with the yellow gold jewelry too. They are of the highest quality possible and you do not have any reason to complain once you become the proud owner of this wonderful pair of jeweled yellow gold ear pins.

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