Jeweled Heart 14k Gold Ear Pin

Give your beloved a chance to miss a beat when he glances at you wearing this beautiful gold ear pin embedded with classic CZ scones in the shape of hearts thus called Jeweled Heart 14k Gold Ear Pin. You can easily insert it into your ear piercing, however small it may be. Fret not; it is not going to come loose. Just remember to place it up across your ears and gaze at the world with a detached look, one that is sure to make you appear like royalty.

The Kings and Queens of old times as well as the celebs of today could not do without gold. You are in august company if you pursue their line of thought too. Fret not if you don’t have the means for wearing chunky gold jewelry that need to be insured and out away carefully, out of sight. You have the option of selecting 14K gold ear pins in order to create the same effect. The sparkling solid yellow gold looks and feels expensive although you are lucky to get it at only $57.27 that too at, a website known for its spectacular collection of piercing jewelry.

The design is sure to make it hard for you to take your eyes away from this beautiful piece of ear jewelry. It is not only exquisitely carved out of solid yellow gold but also holds a number of high quality cubic zirconia in a rare shade of blue. The heart shape might be commonplace elsewhere but it definitely enhances the look of this jeweled ear pin. While you might not always be able to wear your heart on your sleeve, you can give it a try by wearing it on your petite ears (literally).

The yellow color of your 14K gold jewelry is a perfect to show off your style. You are welcome to try out a more traditional style and wear it for formal occasions but you will be equally at ease to pair it with your faded jeans or a short skirt that is apt for a breezy walk down by the river with your sweetheart in tow.

The warm yellow color of your ear pins can complement the colors you choose to wear as well. While it is perfectly okay to pair it with warm hues like red, brown, and orange, it may stand out in sharp contrast against the more cool colors like blue and white. It really comes down to your personal choice ultimately. So, go on and think carefully before you finalize the dress with your gold ear pin and stun the world.

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