Jeweled Flower 14k Gold Ear Pin

Gift yourself a glittering ear pin made with solid yellow gold and revel in the envy it invokes. True, the rich yellow color is not always appropriate for pairing with modern clothing. But just think of all the benefits that you stand to gain by opting for a solid gold ear pin that not only enhances your beauty manifold but also helps you to keep wearing it for years altogether for solid gold never goes out of style.

The tarnish resistant metal may be a trifle less precious than the 24K variety but you do not need to fear it getting burgled from your house or losing while you are out. The cost affordability of 14K gold makes it one of the most coveted metals that can be fashioned into any shape and studded with gemstones, cubic zirconia, and other artifacts as well.

You can keep cleaning it as often as you wish too. The use of cleaning solutions or warm water will do no harm to the metal as long as you are not too harsh in your treatment of the glittering gold. This is surely a distinct advantage over gold plated jewelry? The plated kind is likely to get tarnished until the other metals start peeking out making your ear pin or other items look decidedly ugly. You definitely cannot keep wearing them unless you go through the additional expense of plating it all over again.

14K gold contains 14 parts of pure gold along with 10 parts of other metal. It will not react with your skin and give rise to irritation or allergies unless you have nickel in it. While the design from piercebody is likely to keep you hooked for a long time, you may have to repair it eventually especially if you are careless enough to damage a part. Take it to any gold jeweler and they would be happy to repair it for you for solid gold is simple to mend unlike the gold plated jewelry. You can get the high quality CZ stones added to your gorgeous flower shaped solid gold ear pin without much ado too, if God forbid, it falls off from the setting unnoticed.

The Jeweled Flower 14k Gold Ear Pin is sure to please you and you may just jump at the opportunity of getting it for the bargain price of $38.18 from It might also be a good idea to get a pair for your sweetheart, if you happen to be a man, on Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.

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