Jeweled Fashion Silver Ring-Fashion Korean Bling Crystal Rhinestone Finger Ring

The 925 sterling silver ring looks fantastic with rhinestones adorning the center and the sides of the ring. The split shank is decorated with intricate designs accentuating the beauty of the rhinestone forming the centerpiece of the ring. This ring is an example of fine craftsmanship. The way the small stones protrude from the center enhancing the appeal of the center stone and the intricate embellishments beautify the split shank, it signifies the work of an experienced and visionary craftsman. Pierce body brings this gorgeous ring for all those ladies who love fashion and treat it as an extension of their existence.
The grand feeling evoked by this ring will definitely leave a mark on the mind of many fashionista. However, this grandness does not come at a grand price. You do not have to worry about emptying your pocket to own this opulent piece of jewelry; it comes at a reasonable price. The design, style and make of the ring perfectly suits people who love to wear rings with a slightly vintage feel to it. This ring however, comes with modern twist to keep it trendy. Pair it up with your evening dress for a party or event or even a wedding ceremony and turn the heads.
The ring comes with a flawless finish on 925 sterling silver which is an alloy of very high quality rendering certain good qualities to the ring. The ring is durable so you do not have to worry about your investment and also scratch resistant. However, you have to note one thing; silver tends to lose its luster over a period of time. So, clean it using a soft cotton cloth at frequent intervals. In case of accumulated dirt on the silver ring which is quite a possibility from wearing it regularly, you can use a phosphate- free detergent to wash off the dirt from silver. Do not forget to use warm water while cleaning it. You can also prepare a paste of baking soda and water to apply on the dirt and rinse it well afterwards. Dry it with a clean cloth.
Make sure that you do not wear your ring on a regular basis and store it in a place which is clutter free. This will ensure long life to the sparkling silver piece. Depending on whether the rhinestone is made from glass or crystal you can apply a bit of alcohol to keep it shining.

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