Jeweled fake ear plug- give your ears a new look

There are so many ways to deck your Ear Plug. Ear accessories are of course one of the most popular piercing adornments. It is no wonder that the fashion industry churns out so many stylish designs in ear accessories. Some want to don simple earrings, other want to move a step ahead and give their ears a tapered look. But stretched piercings are a cumbersome affair. It hurts and the piercing takes weeks to heal. Many would not even want to have their ears stretched permanently. This is why the fake ear plugs are an attractive option, particularly for those individuals who like to sport different looks every day without going into the strenuous and time consuming experiments on ears. These fake ear plugs look very convincing and anyone can be made to think that you tapered your ears for real.
Our store has an awesome collection of fake ear plugs which fits into a standard ear piercing and gives the idea of scalpelled ears. The latest design which is climbing the popularity chart rapidly is the SS Jeweled Fake Ear Plug With Logo CLER073. This fake ear plug will fit smartly into a 1.2 mm piercing and is 6mm in length.  They have beautiful little jewels encrusted on the surface and in the centre is a cool geometric design. A combination that takes in both the feminine and the cool is always in demand and this great ear plug satisfies both the parties.
The material used in crafting this sort of cheap fake plug is surgical steel. It is extremely comfortable and safe to wear. You can be assured that your skin would be safe with no risk of rash or allergies. Plus the smooth polish of the plug increases the attraction quotient. Fake ear plugs like this needs very little maintenance too. For a look that makes you stand out in the crowd, this is an ideal piece.
One piece of this fake ear plug can be bought for $0.49. Isn’t that an amazingly cheap rate? The minimum order quantity is 2. These are flying off the shelves real fast. So, don’t wait too long to grab your share. They can be great gifts for a friend with an out of the box fashion statement too!
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