Jeweled Double Heart Ear Studs in a 12 Pair Tray

Has cartilage become your favorite spot for piercing these days? Cool. Cartilage piercing has always been in vogue and with new places and positions to discover; you can always have a uniquely pierced cartilage and flaunt your nice jewelry. Since, cartilage is of interest to you, there are various options for you like helix, daith, conch, rook, helix, anti helix, tragus and even anti tragus. You can also find out a new spot to get pierced but discuss with your piercer if piercing that area is possible or not. Cartilage is the flexible and tough tissue which forms 80% of our ears so there are many spots yet to be discovered to have pierced.

A stud, rings or barbells especially curved or circular are top choices for any kind of cartilage piercing. You can definitely use this jeweled double heart ear stud from Piercebody which is available in a 12 pair tray to have your cartilage pierced and to flaunt your style. Piercing is not just fashion; it is style which is like an extension of one’s personality. Hence, the jewelry must be something that seems perfect for you. These studs are made from 925 sterling silver which is very high grade silver and is generally used for making light jewelry for piercings. The heart motif comes with various colors with a gemstone in the middle of the heart. It is quite colorful which will be visible from afar and hence ideal for cartilage piercings.

A stud is a small jewelry and can also be easily concealed if necessary. However, rules regarding sporting different jewelry items on ears have become little lenient now with the acceptance of piercing as mainstream fashion. Whichever part you choose to pierce, you must remember that you have to go for an experienced piercing professional to avoid complications in future. You also have to remember that maintaining a proper aftercare routine is the secret behind a long lasting healthy piercing. The piercer while piercing the cartilage always uses a sterilized needle and not a gun because it is unhealthy and risky too. The pain is not much but little bit of swelling and redness in expected.

One thing you must remember, not to remove the jewelry during the first few months otherwise it will leave a scar and will damage your tissue. Let it heal completely and replace it only after 12 months.

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