Jeweled Butterfly Top Dermal Anchors

Jeweled Butterfly Top Dermal AnchorsValley piercing- does the name make you wonder what it is? Does it unleash your imagination? Well, while you can really imagine various kinds of body modifications which have existed or that haven’t, the valley piercing has a specific location; the tailbone. Yes, valley piercing is done between the small back and the beginning of the rump crest. You can also call it a tailbone piercing and it is essentially a surface piercing. Marking the position for this piercing is easy because the center is right there and the piercer simply has to pierce it with care.

The valley piercing gradually rose to the top of the chart of favorite piercings like hip and abdomen piercings. But now it is among the most popular and demanded piercings because it functions as a lower back tattoo accent in a beautiful way. The body modification art has two major streams- the tattoo and the piercings and these two often complement each other. Hence, if you are going for a tattoo session for your back, then adding an extra piercing will make it look even more charming. Having said that; you can also have the piercing without tattoo.

There are so many different possibilities of making your back stand out in the crowd. Isn’t it exciting? You can contribute in the choice of the jewelry item after discussing with your piercer. This is a surface piercing, so a dermal anchor will be preferred by the piercer. Piercebody has a huge collection of stunning dermal jewelry for surface piercings. One such item is the jeweled butterfly top dermal anchor. It looks cool and with the colorful stones fitted on the butterfly, you can combine it with the tattoo that you already have. Made from G23 titanium, it is perfectly safe and comes at an affordable price.

Valley piercing takes a little more time to heal than other hip piercings. The chance of migration is also higher than in hip and abdominal piercing. However, the aftercare routine is the same like any other piercing. If you want your piercing to heal properly, then follow the instructions carefully and avoid putting excess pressure on the back. This can prevent migration. Of course, you have to wear low waist clothes to ensure exposure; otherwise beachwear is perfect to flaunt it. Your boyfriend or husband will be surprised at this new addition.

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