Jeweled 14k Gold Ear Pin

Jeweled 14k Gold Ear PinEar pins are something that accentuates your style and the right kind of an ear pin can even make your friends jealous. Ear pins have a simple yet tasteful look that can be really appealing. The best thing about ear pins is that you can wear it irrespective of the fact whether your ear is pierced or not. If you have a pierced ear you can put on, an ear pin like the ordinary French wire earrings. You just have to flip them over and then slide them into your ear like a Bobbi pin. While for ears that are not pierced you need to slide them onto the ear lobe and it looks pierced.
It is true that putting on an ear pin is easy and you can get a unique look with minimum effort. But it is important to get hold of something that is far from the ordinary. When it comes to choosing the material for an ear pin you can safely vouch for gold. This is because gold is never out of fashion and the chances of ear infections are also minimum if you put on gold.
There are several online stores today from where you can get something as per your taste. They offer numerous designs that is bound to catch your fancy. The shape ranges from half-moon ear pins to the ones that are shaped like a constellation. Ear pins made of gold with gemstones embedded in it can be a great piece to have. Online stores like is a great option from where you can get your next set of ear pins. They have a huge body piercing jewelery collection, the prices are comparatively lesser, and they have a prompt service. You can try out their Jeweled 14k Gold Ear Pin. It is simply amazing.
So next time you are unsure about your partner’s ring size you can safely gift her with ear pins. It will surely make her happy. However, try to choose something that is in sync with her overall look. In case she has a slimmer face it, is not a good idea to go for bold and big ear pins. Instead the sleeker ones will be a better fit. At the same time if there is an option to customize a design you can do so keeping in mind the preferences of your loved one. So surprise her soon with something she is not expecting from you at all. Last but not the least before you pay, check out the quality.

You can certainly get the most out of life by keeping your body piercings to the minimum. A small, discrete ear piercing might actually prove to be highly effective once you opt to insert a beautiful jeweled ear pin through it. It only draws attention to your lovely ear but also helps to highlight your face in a most attractive way. Simply slide it across your ear once the pin fits snugly into your piercing and forget all about it until you watch the men eyeing you. You are welcome to wear it tight or loose according to your personal style too.

It will definitely help you to add this wondrous Jeweled 14k Gold Ear Pin to your growing collection of piercing jewelry. Just take a virtual walk to and prepare to gape at the fascinating ear pins made out of 14K solid gold. True, buying gold may set your finances back by quite a few dollars but 14K gold is going to be extremely affordable even if you cannot boast of a six figure salary at present. Browse through competitive websites only to come back to where you will be able to get an exquisite pair of jeweled 14K gold ear pins for just $38.18.

The floral motif with high quality CZ stones in them look as chic as any superior item in pure gold and you will certainly be able to wear the pair on all your favorite occasions without having to worry about it getting tarnished due to over exposure. You need not worry about misplacing it either since 14K gold is not as pricey as 22K or 24K gold and will not attract the attention of burglars and swindlers in your neighborhood and beyond.

Forget investing in special cleaning solutions that can cost you a packet. Just remove your jeweled ear pin carefully from your ear and immerse it in a bowl of warm water mixed with dish washing soap. Give it a thorough rub with a soft brush and dry it carefully with a clean dish cloth. Hurrah! Your gold ear pin is as good as new now and the sparkle is back while the dirt and grime has vanished.

The flower shape is not something to be dismissed easily as old fashioned though. Remember the ever green adage, ‘old is gold?’ Well, it is doubly true here! While you can show off your ear piercing on formal occasions by sporting this glorious ear pin, you can also carry it off with your old jeans.

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