Jeweled 14k Gold Ear Hoop

Jeweled 14k Gold Ear HoopDifferent kinds of body piercing have been into fashion since long. However, the commonest of all the kinds of body piercing is ear piercing. As a result earrings stand as the most popular form of jewelry especially among women. It is true that earrings made out of different metals have entered the jewelry stores, but even today gold earrings remains a favorite piece of jewelry among people.
As earrings are a widely spread jewelry there are different styles and designs available in it. Ear hoops is one of the common types that is loved by a lot of women. Hoop earrings are generally circular or semi-circular in design and it looks more or less like a ring. The sizes of these circular earrings widely vary. Depending on your taste you can get either a small or a big ear hoop for yourself. The Jeweled 14k Gold Ear Hoop is a preferred variety among ear hoops. You will get numerous designs in this particular variety. Especially, in online stores like you will be amazed to see a wide variety of bulk buy jewellery collections. Keeping the basic style of ear hoops in place they are offering some wonderful pieces of ear hoops to their customers.
There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while you are shopping for gold ear hoops. In the beginning you need to determine the size of the hoop. Depending on the kind of face you have got, you will have to select between a thick and a thin earring. However, if you are buying them online looking at the image you should be able to determine whether you will be able to carry the weight of those ear hoops.
In case of gold ear hoops, the color also plays a crucial role. It is true that yellow gold is more common and easy to maintain, but for few complexions white gold does a better job. For example, with rosy complexions white gold seems to be a better match.
Another important thing to be noted is that gold with a higher karat rating damages faster so it is safer to opt for something that has a mediocre rating. Thus the 14k gold ear hoop that actually contains 58.33 percent gold is the safest deal that you can have.
Last but not the least there is no reason to think that ear hoops are not for men. There are plenty of designs available in ear hoops from which men can choose something matching their taste.

Yes, moving around with huge dangling hoops from your ears used to be the style statement quite a few years ago. The trend has come back again and you will be pleased to know that the spectacular hoops that can frame your face wonderfully, no matter what its shape, can be bought again without the risk of having to listen to jeers and disdain sniffs about being old fashioned.

It is gold you want, of course! There is nothing to beat this bright metal truly. The shimmering yellow color is both warm and holds a charm of its own. No wonder, the royalty and celebs are equally moved by the lure of gold. But isn’t it going to be expensive enough to ruin your yearly budget? Not really, especially when the hoops of your choice happen to be made from 14K gold and are from the dependable as well as cost effective online shop, $34.35, now isn’t that an amazing price? No one can believe that you have managed to wrangle a deal with that amount in hand. It is gold ear hoops too! This surely requires a celebration.

So, go on, let your hair down and party hard with your friends who will revel in your choice too and admire your beautiful hoop earrings while trying to wrest the information about it from you. Be sure to mention the gorgeous CZ stone that is of the highest quality available. It sparkles coolly with an inner fire of its own and any person looking at you would be compelled to believe that you have a fortune in precious metal dangling from your ears.

Do not lose heart though! The 14K gold is also considered to be gold both in USA and UK. It does have a bit of other metals mixed though although the shine does not come off completely as with gold plated ornaments.  The simple design attracts the eye as well. Its charm lies in its simplicity with the luster of the gold along with the glittering cubic zirconia taking center stage at all times.

Do spare a thought for the ease of wear too. It is definitely going to be no trouble to take hold of your pierced ear lobe and push the sharp end of the jeweled 14k gold ear hoop in. Just push it into the thicker band and listen for the satisfying click sound. You are ready now to go and enthrall the world!

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