Jazz up your look: Belly rings in multi colors

If you want to give yourself a bold and sexy makeover and wondering about how to go about it, here’s your chance. Grab a multi colored belly ring from our official website and get set to turn heads at that gathering! Belly rings are sexy and bring a lot of oomph factor in your appearance. If a different fashion statement is your objective, then why hide that naval piercing with layers? Opt for a cropped top; let that washboard abs show and the ring twinkle in all its glory!
We have a huge assortment of belly rings at our online store. They are made by craftsmen with great skills and a lot of industry so that the rings fit you to the T and give you no amount of discomfort.
The material is 316l Surgical Steel which as you know is the safest alloy to use for making piercing accessories. They are smooth on skin; do not cause any skin infections. Because the bar stays in close contact with your skin, it is absolutely essential that the material is skin friendly. This is why it is always recommended that you wear a surgical steel barbell for fresh piercings or healing ones.
The size of the banana is 1.6x10mm, the top ball size is 6mm and the base ball size is 9mm.
The ball attached to the bar is made of crystal. There are two benefits to wearing crystal jewelry; first being the sheer attractiveness of the crystal ball which sparkles. The second is the health benefit. Apparently, keeping crystal jewelry close to skin, results in physical and spiritual healing.
Not to forget the extreme cost effectiveness of the whole deal. You go for buying a belly ring at a mall and see the exorbitant prices they want from you. But at our store, you get a piece of this crystal naval ring for only $3.55! Now, isn’t that unbelievable?
Why limit yourself to the conventional mode of dressing? Getting your naval pierced is in itself a bold thing to do. So, it is time to shake it up with some cool accessories too. Get the room temperatures soaring as you walk in with a piece of this crystal ball dangling from your belly! For more products like this, visit www.piercebody.com

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