How they do hip piercings?

Hip piercings are a contemporary piercings done to achieve a unique look, and attract the attention. They surely make you stand
out in the crowd.

The hip piercings are done in the pelvic area through the skin near your hipbone. Mostly people do the hip piercings in couplets;
they’re done as one on each hip. They’re mostly the surface piercings, thus giving you a redefined look.


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When you talk about the hip piercing, it usually includes fitting the piercing with a surface barbell. It is a kind of fabulous jewelry
that is made up of the surgical steel. It comes with two 90-degree angles that can be shaped in various ways; this is usually done to fit the anatomy of your hip piercing.

The reason behind this is that more amount of skin is pierced and thus the piercing is less superficial, it greatly reduces the risk of jewelry rejection.

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