Horseshoe barbell in a beautiful rose gold color- delivered at your doorstep

Piercing accessories have received a huge makeover in the last few decades. With the trend of piercing unusual body parts like lips or naval gaining momentum in the contemporary fashion world, a lot of designs and shapes of accessories were invented. Needless to say, they caught on quick with the young generation who are always on the look-out for something out-of-the-box, some kind of fashion trend which will make them stand out. There are online stores which supply for this demand of quirky and fun piercing accessories. is one such trusted and popular online store which fulfills your craving to look and feel beautiful and that too within your budget.
The Rose Gold PVD over 316L Surgical Steel Horseshoe barbell is one such accessory which is unique in every way. If you are someone with an eye for the bold, this is your chance to unleash the adventurous side in you through your appearance.
In case, you are wondering how a horseshoe piercing looks, it is no different than the common circular barbell. It is composed of a bar which is curved in a circular shape to resemble a horse shoe. The two ends can be unscrewed. The horseshoe piercing is a beautiful rose gold in color. This barbell can be used for ear, eyebrow and lip piercings.
The material is top quality 316L surgical steel. Regular barbell wearers will know how this is the safest and the most comfortable material for body piercings. Because you will be wearing it in delicate areas, the manufacturers take every pain to ensure that no skin infection is caused by the material. Besides, the surface of the piercing is glossy and smooth, leaving no room for discomfort. You can also feel safe to know that the material is quite durable and not prone to nicks or splits. This horseshoe piercing is available in various sizes of 1.2x8mmx3mm,1.2x10mmx3mm.
Our store looks into the fact that buyers of every age and class can avail the benefits of the exquisite and unique piercing adornments. Hence the pieces are priced at a very reasonable and pocket friendly cost. For example, a single piece of this Rose Gold Surgical steel Horseshoe piercing will only cost you $1.25. You can even get great discounts if you shop for bulk products here. Many of our customers keep returning because of the exciting discounts!

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