Casting Dragon Screw Fit Flesh TunnelEar plugs are often obscure pieces of jewelry that hug the ears in a discrete way. Most of them happen to be studded with stones or crystals and are often worn by sedate women who do not seek to make a statement via their ear ornaments. However, that definition is completely negated when you opt for a pair of ear plugs that reminds you of a dragon, the most sacred animal in Chinese culture. The pure black dragon sits perfectly on your pierced ear lobes and people cannot help but stare at the interesting ear plugs that you are wearing.

The choice of the material is highly significant as well. Not only is it a rarity but edges out the plastic and fibers all any other synthetic material that you can use for adorning your body piercings. The horn is very much an organic material that causes no harm to the environment either. You are actually taking a step towards a greener and cleaner earth by opting for this beautiful pair of horndragonillusionearplugs. However, you are not expected to only feel good about the environment when you log into piercebody.com. The spectacular illusion of a majestic dragon greets you in the form of ear plugs and you are hooked once and for all times to come.

Take a long, lingering look at the ear plugs before you are swayed into action. The life like dragon has been handcrafted painstakingly and you actually get to salute the master craftsman once you pay for this unique ear plugs. Horn, as you probably know, had been used by the indigenous tribes all over the world for centuries. Horn jewelry is also an extensive part of tribal culture. Ask the Indian Americans or the Africans and you are bound to be educated on the positive energy that a piece of horn jewelry exudes.

The Dragon head may seem to be a trifle big at the first glance and you wonder whether they would cause your ear lobes to ache by virtue of the weight. Rest assured, horn jewelry is always light weight and you will not even remember the pair of dragons adorning your ears once you push them into your piercing. They are extremely comfortable too because the touch is warm with none of the detached coldness that you experience when you wear a metal jewelry.

Look at the price now! It’s just $6.49 a pair. Why should you let go of such an opportunity that helps you to remain stylish and humble at the same time?

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