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Dermal Body piercing has evolved a lot with time. Earlier people used to get their body pierced for status and to show royalty but now days it is just a matter of attraction.mini anchor

    Grade 23 Solid Titanium Dermal Diver     


Titanium Micro Dermal Anchor body jewelry is a very good example of this kind of jewelry as this is made up of surgical steel and is very safe for your skin. Micro Dermal Anchor Jewelry is also known for its small size and beauty.An anchor jewelry is generally anchored in a certain place by the surface tissue which dermal around it. 


Dermal Anchors with Black ball Top      Dermal Anchors     Jeweled Heart Top Dermal Anchors


Dermal anchoring is usually equated to a side pocketing because the anchor jewelry is very small in shape. It is generally in “L” shaped anchor. Now the main question is that how does this anchor work. Mainly a dermal anchor is inserted just under the skin which has its top part on the surface of the jewelry. The jewelry appears as a ball or a jewel. There are different sizes of anchors ranging from 1.6x3mm,
1.6x4mm and 1.6x5mm, you can select from various sizes that which one you want to have. Usually the upper part of the dermal anchor jewelry is made of surgical steel and the base part is titanium G23.

Black titanium anchor dermals are undoubtedly the craze for many due to its exclusivity and appeal. We supply it in varied designs and style, always assuring reasonable rates for the buyers. You can shop here the most popular dermal jewelry like dermal anchor star shaped jewelry and differently shaped dermal jewelry.

Flower Jeweled Dermal Anchor Tops  

Piercebody.com is the only website which can get you to the best deals possible; it’s the best place to buy the wholesale dermal anchors and we bet our special dermals sales will not go unnoticed too!

The dermal jewelry is inserted to the skin and only balls tops, gemstones is seen. Micro dermal anchor jewelry is a kind of piercing in which only the body jewelry is visible.

Micro dermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere on the body, usually at
the back of the neck or hips.

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