High Quality Zirconia With 14K Gold Moving Navel Ring

High Quality Zirconia With 14K Gold Moving Navel RingNavel piercing or belly button piercing is an interesting way to flaunt your flat belly. Having a lovely belly button piercing jewelry is a strong style statement which makes you look bold. However, if you are interested to take it to another level, then double belly button piercing is for you. Try double navel piercing to add extra style to your personality just like many well renowned pop stars of this generation. If you can really pull it off nicely, you will become a fashion diva. A wide variety of jewelry options are available for double belly button piercing. You can choose from barbells, plain bars, rings, dangles and studs to make a fashion statement. If you have sensitive skin, surgical steel, titanium or gold jewelry is advisable for you.

The high quality zirconia with 14K gold moving navel ring offered by Piercebody looks perfect for a stylish double navel piercing. Dangling jewelry items often look great on flat bellies because they look exotic and add freshness to the entire look of the wearer. It also makes the wearer appear bold and sexy. This beautiful flower shaped gold dangling belly ring has a heart hanging from the flower. This is one of the most romantic combinations in fashion jewelry. The flower and the heart are encrusted with sparkling zirconia of high quality. Gold combined with gemstone ensures that the piercing will be visible for a great distance thus garnering appreciation for style.

This yellow gold ring will suit any complexion. So, do not doubt on your style diva future and get one quickly. Since, it is a belly piercing, the procedure is the same with sterilized hollow needle inserting the jewelry. You can either go for it altogether or wait for one piercing to heal and then opt for the second one. However, if you already have a design in mind, then go for it at once. It heals in 6-12 months. Initial swelling and redness will be there.

Follow the aftercare routine properly to avoid any kind of infection. Double belly button piercing generally costs between $40 and $100 depending on the piercing parlor and the experience of the piercer. Some of the variations tried include double belly button vertical piercing, double belly button horizontal piercing and double belly button top piercing. Some really adventurous types also go for combo or quad belly button piercing in which the piercing takes the “+” pattern combining vertical and horizontal piercing.

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