The Latest Trend of Hello Kitty Fancy Body Piercing Jewelry

Hello kitty is one character that most girls love and adore. Imagine wearing your favorite hello kitty on any jewelry you have. Our range of body piercing jewelry is just the perfect body jewelry if you prefer the surface piercing instead of the normal usual piercing.

Common Hello Kitty Jewelry Materials


This kitty jewelry design is mostly made from surgical steel material. It was tested and found to be perfectly safe on the skin and also hypo allergic. Also available at great discount prices too. Another material for perfect and stylish hello kitty jewelry is the 925 sterling silver! The popular material is made its way so well and made us turn out to be one of the leading body jewelry manufacturers due to this character.

hello kitty belly ring

Hello Kitty Jewelry Designs and Styles

You have come to the right source of the most exquisite collection – Hello Kitty jewelry.  Although it has made its existence for over 3 decades, this character plays a major role. This leads intensity in body piercing jewelry. This beautiful piece is an alternative and also fulfills everyone’s expectation yet at a reasonable price!

Logo Hello Kitty Tongue Ring

Who doesn’t love a “hello kitty” tongue ring? Now we have a perfect chance to glaze and glamor with hello kitty jewelry tongue rings. We carry a large collection of steel barbells made from surgical stainless steel for more durability & safety at the lowest prices. There are different types of tongue piercing ring jewelry. It is one of the most extraordinary body jewelry because not everyone has this remarkable piece of character design. 14g tongue balls can stand out differently from the crowd.

Hello Kitty Ear Jewelry

It is one of the most beautiful ears plug body jewelry piece. This has won everyone’s heart and still stands to be one of the latest and also a motivating piece! You can spot this ear jewelry at – one of the most leading body jewelry stores online! They are always in stock because hello kitty ear piece of jewelry is the fastest and most demanded body jewelry. In another logo type, we only play safe for our customers because this exquisite jewelry has metal material of 925 sterling silver.

hello kitty barbell

  • Flesh Tunnels

No matter in which ever size you chose, we have the flesh tunnels from 2mm up to 24mm. Hello Kitty ear flesh tunnel is back after the long awaited body jewelry product. This piece is a bestselling piece and we can’t believe it to have the exotic body jewelry collection. Kitty is a cute, anthropomorphized white kitten, with a typical red bow on her left ear and black whiskers.

  • Ear Plug

Hello Kitty is one of the popular names among the ear plugs or any other jewelry accessories. “Ohr” is a German word. However, Hello kitty “ohr” tunnel is one of the most promising collections of any season. The beautiful, elegant double flared ear plug is an exquisite piece and becomes the best-selling body jewelry. This item has always been one of the most captivating which size ranges from 8mm to 24mm.

The double flared kitty ear plugs have drawn its own style over the years. It made itself extremely popular as well as designed ear plug featuring UV material. It ranges from 3mm to 24mm by size surgical steel tunnel.  It’s also the best-selling ear plug in our online body jewelry store whether it’s wholesale and retail. It is fancied by the generation and it’s compatible to angry birds. Angry birds have recently come up but hello kitty has made its existence and name 30 years ago. However, they fall to be one of the most graceful and exquisite pieces of the body piercing jewelry!

Hello Kitty dermal anchor tops

Hello Kitty Jewelry Nose Rings

Hello Kitty nose rings at are one of the ecstatic pieces and most in-demand. This remains as one of the fastest selling body piercing jewelry pieces. It will just take you seconds to find out because there is wide availability of nose rings in two logo colors in red and blue. Both of the nose rings play the part of their own-self because they have a style of their own.

Hello Kitty Lip Piercing Jewelry

The style is who you is which can later become a trend. An oblong shape, when the modification is completely healed, the skin will grow around the holes. The most exciting body jewelry collection is the “dermal anchors” or hello kitty most popular charm. There are a lot of dermal anchors to choose from. We also have the dermal anchors in styles of gems and balls. They are screwed on to the anchor so they can change whenever you want.

 Hello Kitty ear plug

The Largest Market of Hello Kitty Jewelry Collection is one of the leading markets in Bangkok. We have a fascinating collection of hello kitty earrings in wholesale and retail. We are Asia’s leading & fastest growing online body jewelry manufacturer. Feel ecstatic with our body jewelry, one of the most outstanding body piercing jewelry pieces which are the “hello kitty tongue ring“.


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