The Latest on Hello Kitty Dermal Anchor Tops

What are Hello Kitty Dermal Anchor Tops?

hello kitty dermal anchor topsEither one who loves body jewelry or constantly looking to keep up with the new trends. Another with changing their jewelry accordingly, piercing kit is a must. In addition to piercing, the kit includes hello kitty dermal anchor tops in many designs.

They are made from the 316L surgical steel which is tested to be safe on the skin without causing any allergies or reactions or irritation to the skin. These are available in 5mm size and the gauge size is 14gauge. These are up for sale at great discount rates too, so this is one investment that you’ll never regret making. This hello kitty dermal anchor jewelry is of 5mm with its thread of 14G=1.6mm and its material features in 316L Surgical Steel. There are options for this hello kitty dermal anchor; the selection can be made between 1-4.

At night, bright red top emits soothing light to rejuvenate a person. The hello kitty dermal kit contains the body piercing tools and jewelry sets. At home, you can install dermal piercing jewelry accessories and dermal anchors with disc tops in a tray.

Where to Buy a Legit Hello Kitty Dermal Anchor Jewelry?, one of the largest body art shop in Bangkok with 4 showrooms – two in Chareon Krung and two in Khaosan. As the leading body piercing jewelry distributor, they bring the finest offer for wholesale body jewelry and retail body jewelry. They are consequently one of the popular wholesalers for hello kitty dermal jewelry and offers other silver and gold body jewelries.

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