Hello Kitty dermal anchor tops are available at amazing prices

Hello kitty dermal anchor tops
If you have a dermal piercing on your ear and thinking about accessorizing it with cool tops, look no further than the Hello Kitty dermal tops. These tops are particularly designed keeping teenagers and college going girls in mind who want to achieve an informal look.

What is dermal piercing?
Dermal piercings are different from the common piercings. While in a normal piercing, the piercing goes in from one side of the flesh to the other side; in dermal piercings a small amount of flesh is removed in circular form to create a surface piercing that has a single point. The dermal anchor is placed on the removed area with a dermal punch. The anchor generally has a circular base so that the accessory can be in place. The bases are solid but some of them have holes to allow the tissue to grow through the holes and in the surrounding sides. This makes the piercing more protected for future.
It is very important to go through the steps of aftercare if you want your dermal piercing to be there in the upcoming years. Because the growing tissues in your body may try and push over the anchor, you should go for anchors which have holes in the base. These anchors don’t come out or get rejected by the body usually.

Surgical steel anchor tops:
Some metals are okay to wear after you have gone through dermal piercing and some you should strictly avoid because they might infect the area or pause the healing process of skin. So, the metal you choose should not be reacting with your body tissues in any way. Sterling silver, gold or gold filled jewelry should be avoided by all means as they are easily scratched and take in fluids. This is why surgical steel dermal anchor tops are a safe option because they are made from non smooth material.

So this jewelry offers you with

  • Safety from skin infections which could occur because of dermal piercings.
  • Different colors available for the same size and design.
  • A trendy look. You can wear these hello kitty tops with floral dresses and jeans alike.
  • Low maintenance hazard.
  • Affordable price. You can buy each for as low as $0.99

These hello kitty dermal anchor tops are safe to wear and look attractive.  To shop similar accessories, please visit www.piercebody.com

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