Hand painted UV balls in attractive designs

You know what’s unique with hand painted jewelry? It is the fact that you won’t find another similar piece. They are unique and eye catching. And what if this hand painted jewelry is made of UV material; something that glows in the dark and catches sunlight too? It would be amazing, right? Well, we offer you just that. Hand painted UV balls in attractive colors that will surely make your collection look like it just dropped from an art gallery! stud pack

The design of UV balls:
The UV balls of our collection are of various quirky designs like heart, star, dolphin etched on the surface. These particular balls have heart shaped dot painted all over them in colors which are different from the surface color of the balls. You get them in the neon colors of purple, lavender and light green. The moment you see them you will know just how perfect they will be for a night out in disco or a casual date. What’s more exciting is that you can wear these balls with ear, naval, lip, tongue; basically any kind of piercings. The sheer comfort of wearing this is reason enough to buy balls like this.

Why would you buy this product?
If you love attention, you have the right accessory to fetch it for you. To start with, these balls glow in light, so if you are in a night-club, you can be sure that all the eyes will be glued to you. Also, the balls have a mirror finish which makes them perfect for people who have had a new piercing; so that the healing process is in no way hampered.
The balls are interchangeable that is you can replace one with the other. This not only reduces the tension of losing one piece but also helps you create several looks for every time you go out.
What make these fancy pieces of jewelry even more appealing is the amazing prices that they come at. You get them at $0.89. Can you imagine such a reduced cost for any of the mainstream jewelries? And here you are getting the same gorgeous look which comes with high profile jewelry at much less cost!
The balls are available for a short period of time at great discounts. Hurry up and grab your share at www.piercebody.com

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