Hand painted marble balls can enhance your piercing accessory collection

Add some starry designs in your wardrobe with these marble balls that can be fitted into any anchor and used for any kind of piercings, be it ear, nose, tongue or naval. If you are one of those who want to unleash their flamboyant side but yet to figure out a way to do so, this is your best option. Where else can you get a jewelry which is glitzy but stylish at the same time? Mainstream jewelry is hackneyed. It is time for some Colorful star hand painted marble balls. They are suitable for any kind of outing and very comfortable as daily wear too.

Why is this jewelry so popular?
Piercing accessories has always been a novel way to make a fashion statement. But previously it was mainly earrings and nose accessories which took most of the attention. With so many of the youth ditching inhibitions and piercing other areas of their bodies, the demand for different jewelry types kept increasing. That is how the current trend of studs, barbells and dermal anchor tops came into being. Next came the demand for quirky patterns and eccentric designs to match the colorful personalities of today’s youth. Everybody wanted a piece which had the fluorescent glitz of modern colors combined with a chic look. And that is exactly what we provide you.

Features of Colorful star hand painted marble balls:
These marble balls can up the glam quotient of your look in a flash. Here’s why:

  • They are made of UV material. Now UV balls have this wonderful quality of catching lights. Hence they glow in discos and sunlight, fetching your prized accessories a good deal of attention.
  • The marble finish of the balls heightens the comfort quotient. You can wear them without the tension of the balls getting attached to your hair or clothing.
  • The balls are hand painted. Instantly your accessory stands out from the more common ones.
  • The star pattern is a big hit among piercing lovers.
  • The balls are available in a huge assortment of colors. Buy a set of white, blue, pink, lavender, green and orange and you are all set for creating diverse looks every evening.
  • Get them in a very low price of $0.59

The Colorful star hand painted marble balls are your gateway to the fashionable look you crave for. Visit www.piercebody.com for more information.

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