Hand Painted Enamel Jeweled Eye Fish Ear Stud

Hand Painted Enamel Jeweled Eye Fish Ear StudTriple helix piercing is currently a fashion trend. If you and your piercer really think that you can carry the look, then this is the trendiest among all other piercings. The ear has always been a favorite of the piercers and now that its popularity has returned, ear piercings have become more experimental. Triple helix is the result of that adventurous experiment and the desire to look sexier. Yes, triple helix piercings really have a high impact on the onlooker partly because of the pattern and partly because of the attitude it adds to your personality.

Nowadays making a fashion statement is more demanding than it used to be. A lot of other trends are becoming a part of the mainstream fashion which were earlier associated with sub cultures. Hence, opportunities galore currently. Simply doing the makeup and hair is not enough to make a fashion statement. You have to do something more to attract the attention of people. Piercings are a sure way to do that. Piercing and especially ear piercings have come a long way from what it used to be. Hence, it helps a lot in a complete makeover as well. Like any other make up accessory, it can also be temporary.

Currently, if you are interested in making a fashion statement, triple helix piercing can work wonders for you. This hand painted enamel jeweled eye fish ear stud is cool and chic and comes at a reasonable price from piercebody. The eye of the fish is a bright rhinestone and the hand painting gives a personal touch to the earring. Made from 925 sterling silver, it is perfect for any dress and skin tone. You can wear this stud earring as part of a cluster or a pattern in triple helix piercing with rings or other studs.

Now, you can either have a normal helix piercing which is almost on the rim of the ear or a forward helix piercing which is done on the helix trunk. Both look wonderful with right placement and jewelry and take slightly more time to heal than other forms of ear piercings since it is done on the cartilage. Triple forward helix piecing is done vertically above the tragus area. For a triple helix piecing you will be charged between $40 and $200 depending on the salon and the city you reside in. So, get bold this season and enjoy your triple helix piercing!

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