Half Jeweled Leaf Navel Belly Piercing

Are you keen to look cool in front of your friends and acquaintances? You can do that without spending an arm and leg on new clothes and make- over too. Simply opt for an offbeat piece of jewelry and you are likely to become the talk of the town. Like you or hate you, nobody will be able to ignore you or your sense of style once you begin your rendezvous by showing off your cute belly button piercing adorned with an equally attractive item of jeweled belly ring that keeps your piercing safe from untoward incidents by hugging it closely on one end while the other end remains free and dangles most enticingly, capturing hearts on the way.

Sure you have to think hard about the material of your super belly ring first. There is nothing wrong with sterling silver at all. True, it is a metal that can bowl you over but be careful that you do not have the bar and barbell or insertion point of your belly ring fashioned out of it. That can actually spell disaster for your skin apart from being overly expensive. Opt for the 100% safe metal of 316L surgical steel here. Your skin will remain smooth and blemish free with no sign of allergies or infections even, if you choose to wear your gorgeous half jeweled leaf belly ring for days on end. Titanium might be a great alternative too especially, if you are not too keen on embellishing your body with a metal that is used in surgical procedures.

It is time to turn your attention to the bejeweled dangling portion of your navel ring now. Wait! You surely do not propose going out and shopping for the belly piercing jewelry of your choice come rain, hail, or sunshine? The best way to do it is from the cool comfort of your own room. Simply log in to the highly popular online store, piercebody.com and start looking. You are bound to find the half jeweled leaf piece exciting. The delicate design is shown off perfectly with all its complexities in the half that showcases the pretty sterling silver while the jeweled half looks outstanding and shines most attractively in the colored gem that you select.

There is no dearth of choices here either. You actually have 11 lovely hues to choose from with the pitch black gem and a clear colorless one thrown in as well. Go ahead and grab a couple in exchange for $4.59 per item. It is definitely going to be worth it!

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