Half Ball belly rings in different logo designs- grab your piece

Half Ball belly rings in different logo designs- grab your piece For adding a unique look to your appearance, you have had a naval piercing. But now you are at a loss about the right accessory to complement your unique personality. Well you have come to the right place. At Piercingbody.com, we have a whole new assortment of belly rings to glam up your look. The half ball belly rings in UV laser logos are different from the usual accessories you will see people wearing as part of their naval adorning. They have a kind of gothic appeal to them which lets you stand out from the crowd.
These rings are multi-purpose. Although specified as belly ring, you can easily use them as an accessory for ears or other parts of your body. They are manufactured using the best material in market. 316L surgical steel is the best alloy of steel. They are devoid of any impurities that might cause infection to skin. Jewelers from all around the globe put their trust in 316L surgical steel when it comes to making accessories which are to be worn by the newly pierced or the regular wearer. The UV acrylic only adds to the appeal of the piece. The UV laser logos on the surface of the balls catch the light and hence these pieces make for a great companion in discos and night clubs. You can wear them and be sure that every eyes focus on your moves.
The size of the banana is 1.6x10mm and the half ball is 10 mm in size. They are 14 gauge in size each. The logos are a mix of quirky designs like star, spider, skull, dolphin, smileys and other geometric shapes. They are fun and frolic designs targeted for the young hipsters who have a taste for the different. You can order as many as you want. However there are special packages of certain number of products like this. For example, you can get 50 pieces of this home delivered at your doorstep for only $14.50. Similarly, there are packages which will contain 100 of this, and will cost $13.49 extra.
Belly rings add a lot of confidence and charisma to one’s look. With the right accessory, you can carry off any kinds of appearance from the coy to the bold and brazen.
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