The growing trend of nose screws

Nose screws
In recent times, the craze for nose piercing accessories is spreading widely. Even though it was initially a sign of marital status and was customarily worn by Muslim women, nose screws and nose pins are now worn universally and has become a significant piercing accessory. Whether it is the school going teenager or the modern working woman, nose screws are a raging favorite. And why not? They are a great way to sharpen the features of your face as well as enhance your beauty.

The offbeat designs:
When it comes to gold body piercing jewelries, nose screws in 9 and 14k solid yellow gold with gemstones set in are very stylish. Not only are they decked in colorful jewels but these nose screws also have gold heads in round, star, cone, flower, dolphin and other gorgeous shapes. Many such screws have gold and bioplast combo.  These are crafted with the most perfection and will only add to the beauty of your wardrobe. Be it a festive occasion or a simple dinner with your girlfriends, these nose screws will only up your glamour quotient.

Why choose gold?
The reasons are manifold.

  • Gold is a symbol of wealth and opulence.
  • It accentuates the features of your face to a great extent.
  • Solid gold is immune to corrosion and does not cause any skin irritation.
  • Because they weigh less than the more popular 18K and 22K gold versions, these accessories are very comfortable to wear, easy to remove and causes very little strain to skin.
  • Yellow gold suits most of the skin and hair color.
  • The price is very affordable and the jewelry will look as good as diamond or other expensive metal crafted pieces.

Carrying the perfect look:
Be it a flamboyant look or a classy attitude, anything is possible with these gold nose screws. Your individualistic style and will surely strike your friends and colleagues as you storm inside the room in the sparkly nose screws. Dress up your best this season and be ready to be swept away by compliments.
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