Where to Find a Great Deal for an Auricle Piercing?

Auricle Piercings

What is an Auricle Piercing?

Auricle piercing is simply the perforation of auricle––a portion of the outer ear between earlobe and helix. This eponymous piercing is among the commonest trends among youngsters. Here you pierce your soft spot (the auricle) and then adorn it with a beautiful ornament. Although it seems easy, there are certain guidelines that need to follow before wearing any auricle piercings.

Crown setting Auricle Piercing

Read below to ensure a stylish and safe journey ahead:

• Once you are done with your auricle piercing, it would be ideal to clean the soft spot with due care. Soak a cotton ball in warm saline water and clean the pierced area well.

• You can use a mild soap for rinsing the pierced area while taking shower. Try to use something mild unless it may develop an infection if brought into contact with chemicals.

• Once you’ve washed your sensitive area, try patting it with clean paper or soft towel. Try to be as gentle as possible during this process. Remember a harder stroke may badly bruise your ear.

• Try applying any pressure on your piercing. Also, avoid exposure from sprays, ointments, lotions, and other cosmetic products.

• Be a little patient while rotating your auricle piercing. Make sure you tie your hair properly before wearing or removing them.

• Try to ensure that you have clean bed sheets and change it before sleeping.

• Always keep in mind that a recent auricle piercing may take a long period of 3-9 months to heal completely.

Auricle Piercing Jewelries

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