Grade 23 Solid Titanium Dermal Diver

Grade 23 Solid Titanium Dermal DiverSo you have decided to go with a dermal diver with a body of grade 23 solid titanium from piercebody? It is the best choice you have made. A dermal diver is jewelry with a fixed top; that is you will not be able to change the top when your piercing becomes old. But when you have a stunner like this titanium jeweled top dermal diver, who needs a change? You can continue to wear this cool stuff and if you wish to wear more than one even then it will look awesome. You will become a rockstar amidst your friends and peers.

So, you still have time in your dermal piercing to heal completely. Are you following a proper aftercare regime so that it does not become messy? If you still do not know about the aftercare routine thoroughly, then go through this article to know about it.

Keeping your dermal piercing clean is your duty. Hence, cleaning it with a good quality aftercare spray is important. Clean the zone with the spray by applying it twice per day over a period of 6-12 weeks which is the normal healing time. Sea salt solution soaks is also necessary on a regular basis. You can either buy a seal salt solution or make it at home to use it. To derive optimal result, soak it for 5 minutes. Take care of your hygiene so that your body’s immune system can focus on redeveloping tissue and recovering from the fistula created on your skin. If you suffer from any other medical condition, healing will become slow. No alcohol and no smoking during this time. Eat well, sleep well and drink lots of water.

It is equally important to be careful not to cause any extra hurt on the healing piercing. Therefore, be careful while dressing up to go out or even when you are at home. Whether you are wearing pants, shirts or skirts or short dresses, you must be careful not to hurt the dermal piercing. Even if you just bump on the dermal top, it is hurtful and dangerous. If the top tilts on one side it will get stuck beneath the skin which can only be corrected by a piercer. Wear loose fit clothes made from breathable materials. Depending on the position of your piercing cut your clothes to make space for it so that it can heal completely without interference.

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