Gorgeous Knife With Rose Stainless Steel Casting Pendant

A knife with two beautiful roses lying on either side! It makes you think of war and love, isn’t it? Well, now you have a chance of giving in to your romantic side by wearing such a pendant close to your heart. You may already be the proud owner of a number of precious necklaces and pendants but having one that is close to your heart and flaunting it to your friends is certainly much more attractive. The designer surely deserves kudos! Thinking of such an art form and then having it made meticulously with the aid of stainless steel casting is no mean feat either. You need diligence, skill as well as imagination and piercebody.com gives you exactly that in the form of a knife with rose stainless steel casting pendant.
Look at the design carefully before you hand out your hard earned money. True, it’s only $5.99 and you can well afford that but it makes sense to check every aspect of the jewelry that you are going to buy. Quality surely appeals to all. The shiny knife with an intricately designed handle would have made the Knights and Princes of yesteryears proud. Just imagine holding it by the hilt and you are likely to be transported to that mystical land of Princes, Knights and Dragons. Wow! A fairy tale like situation indeed! What about the other, more lovable part of the design? Yes, it’s a rose or two roses to be exact, resting pretty on either side of the weapon of destruction. The roses are oppositely placed though giving the attractive pendant a strange symmetry that is hard to find in the genre of horror or unusual jewelry.
True, this particular pendant is not too terrifying or weird looking in the usual sense. But that is exactly where its attraction lies. The pendant is, actually, a form of metal art that is definite to bring the rock band of Guns N Roses to your mind. The use of stainless steel casting has enhanced the beauty of this wonderful triumvirate and this non corrosive pendant is going to delight you for a long long time without fail unless you tire of it suddenly. Adorning yourself regularly with this breathtaking pendant dangling on a thin chain is not a problem either. You can clean off the dirt and accumulate grime easily with the help of warm soapy water and dish cloth and dry it before wearing it once again.

Author: pbblog

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