Gorgeous and elegant Fake ear plug stud to adorn your ears

Ear stretching is a rage in the fashion world. Teenagers and young people are constantly experimenting with new styles and unique designs in piercing accessories. Stretching makes the ear lobes look attractive and if you double that up with a stunning ear plug, the effect would be mind blowing. But very few actually take the pain of getting their ears stretched. Partly because it is scary, imagine if the piercing goes awry and you end up with a stretching that is ridiculously big for your earlobes! Also, the added pressure of healing is a constant, no matter what kind of piercing and which part of your body you opt for. Hence you get the awesome substitute for original ear stretching. Fake ear plugs which when worn gives the same impression as real ear plugs and looks convincing enough to pull off with ease and style.
A beautiful fake ear plug stud can be a great item to gift your fashion forward girlfriend this season. One of our best products in the fake ear expanders section is the Multi-surgical steel cz fake ear plug stud. It is undoubtedly one of the stunning pieces of our collection. The size of the ear plug stud is 1.2x6mm. It features a quirky geometric design in the center and is encrusted with jewels around the circular surface. The jewels are of clear diamond color and sparkle when they catch light. This ear plug stud is for a very feminine woman. The best part is it can be worn very easily with an evening dress or sported with the cool denim and top look.
The fake ear plug stud is made of surgical steel. The material is of the finest quality and ensures safety and comfort. Surgical steel is always chosen by jewelry manufacturers over other metals because of the beautiful finishing polish it provides to the item.
The big discounts and amazing deals are one of the reasons why loyal customers keep on returning at our store. We keep in mind that the product looks great and does not lighten up your pocket much. This particular item only costs a $0.49. You won’t get a better deal elsewhere.
If you are looking for more options you can check out different items like ear studs and dangling earrings and other varieties of ear accessories too at www.piercebody.com.

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