A Golden Experience- Explore your ‘self’ with gold nose-piercing jewelry

A woman’s beauty is romanticized in literature, songs and poetry. Despite their minuscule existence, nose pins are the most noticeable mark of a woman’s beauty. Inspire the diva in you with the exclusive capsule collection of dazzling and ultramodern gold nose pins from www.piercebody.com in sheer kisses of color and a modest bargain. The pins usually come in L-shapes or hoop shapes or in screws.

Wondering how gold can meet the modern needs?
Fret not, for the modern, gold jewelry is slowly infiltrating into the territory of fashion jewelry which was once a steady camp of silver and other black metals.
Originally 24K Gold is considered to be the purest form of gold but it is considerably soft, prone to scratches and corrosion, and most importantly, these are expensive. And if you are not a stickler for gold purity then it is all the way more convenient because Piercebody.com addresses you with a smart scheme to correspond to both, your fashion fever, and age-old obsession with gold, at the same time. Here you get a whole array of piercings from 9 to 14K Gold that are cheap to your pocket and yet worth every penny spent. Piercebody.com does not compromise with the quality of gold used for gold nose pins. The only difference lies in the weight of the metal used.

So Piercebody.com brings you:
•             An affordable range of nose pins in solid gold. Gold, which is a mark of wealth, health, tradition and prosperity. And Gold, which can be molded into any shape and size.
•             A light-weighed collection of nose jewelry that is easy to handle and comfortable to wear at all occasions, be it a party or for your routine office going, conforming to fast urban lifestyle.
•             A safe metal for any skin-type you possess.
•             A unique style statement of your own with various designs matching your varying moods, impelling every envious eye to notice your beauty amid the crowd.

How to select your suitable gold nose-pin?
First of all, choice must be such that it suits your personality and matches your style. For that, while the 14K Infinity Gold Nose Screw casts an idyllic style, you may also choose  between a  9K Gold Nose Screw with Ruby or Blue Sapphire stone-studded Gold Nose Screw to flaunt a flamboyant look or a pearl-studded Gold Natural Nose-pin, if you wish to highlight the softer person in you.
But while selecting you must be careful about the fact that no nose pin looks the same on two different faces. So you need to bear in your mind:
1.            Your facial features,
2.            Your hairstyle and dress-up and finally,
3.            The look you wish to convey.

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