Gold Plated Eyebrow Piercings Look Hot and Bold

If you thought that only nose piercing or labret piercing can make you look bold and sexy, then you need to think twice. You can sport sparkling gold plated gold eyebrow piercings to look equally hot and charming  0 gauge loop. Yes, this is true for both men and women.belly ring with loop In fact, this is one type of body piercing that can change anybody’s personality; be it a girl or a boy. The large variety of gold plated eyebrow piercings made from 16 gauge surgical steel is safe and sexy as well. The plating is usually done in 18k gold to make the entire item appear glittery.surgical steel barbells

The Variety in Gold Plated Eyebrow Piercings

For discerning buyers, the good news is that gold plated eyebrow piercings come in various shapes, sizes and forms which include straight barbells, curved barbells, captive bead rings, closures and many others. Not only the shapes and sizes but also the motifs on them have a great variety in them. Some of the famous designs on the gold eyebrow piercings include scorpion, gothic skull, zigzag and spike. The gold plated eyebrow piercings are great for people who love to sport their own style and not really follow the trend. These are bold, smart and people of various ages who have a slightly grungy style can sport it and collect admiration.

These are really not for the weak hearted both in terms of style and physical endurance. The gold plated eyebrow piercings are for people who are adventurous in terms of style. As the eyebrow is quite a tough area above the eye, getting it pierced cannot be an easy decision. However, you can enjoy sporting eyebrow piercings once you have it.

Different Types of Eyebrow Piercings

There are various ways to sport eyebrow piercings. They can be done vertically, horizontally, spirally, bridge and anti-eyebrow. Among these the vertical is the commonest type. It can be done with any type of barbell and makes one appear attractive. Horizontal piercing is an uncommon one because it is riskier than the vertical one. It pierces the upper ridge and there is the issue of rejection. However, done by an expert it can look bold without causing much pain. Bridge piercing is done between the eyebrows and appears attractive and interesting. Not many people get this zone pierced. Anti-eyebrow is named so because the item is pierced under the eye and is also known as tear drop piercing. It looks intriguing but is quite difficult to maintain.

Spiral eyebrow piercing is the one which forms a loop on the eyebrow like a closure ring. This is also quite common among people who love piercing. So, grab one of the items from and make your own style statement today!

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