Gold nose screw with a sparkling diamond- a perfect gift for your beloved!

Genuine DIAMOND14K Gold with Nose ScrewIf you are thinking about a gift for your spouse on this anniversary, look no further than the beautiful diamond-gold nose screws that we have in our collection. They are elegant, subtle and beautiful. A gift your beloved will simply adore you for. And why not so? Diamonds are precious and as they say, every woman’s best friend! You might be wondering what it is except for the expensiveness that makes diamond so special. Well, it is the luster and the sheer beauty of a piece of it! Nose screws, on the other hand can be a good option if you are trying to make your gift a little different from the mainstream earrings and rings.

The item in question is a 14K gold nose screw with genuine diamond. The material is 14K solid gold. The stem is made of this gold which then curves into a C shape and forms the screw part. The diamond which would be visible on the surface of the nose is 2mm in size. If you are still wondering about why you should choose this particular item, here are a few reasons. Firstly, diamond and gold, a combination does not get any better than this. If you are going to invest money in something, better pick a material that will last a lifetime. Diamond is the hardest element ever. No wonder it will twinkle on your darling’s nose forever! Also, its ability to reflect light is a plus point. We offer you perfectly cut diamond stones which will shimmer all the more brightly because of their strategic cut. The diamond of this nose screw is the classic white diamond which never goes out of style. This looks good on women from ages from 16 to 80. Furthermore, this can be worn seamlessly with any kinds of dresses and can be paired with any other gemstones as earring or bracelet or other jewelry.

Do you know how a diamond spells ‘forever’? So, if you are at a loss about what to give your lover to symbolize your undying love for her, this is the perfect item for you. She will love you for your choice, we assure you that much.

This item is priced at a reasonable $19.95. It is in stock.

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