Gold never loses its luster

It’s true that even through centuries Gold Body Jewelry as a metal has retained its worth and preciousness. It is still the most craved material that can be used for jewels, and who ever flaunts it feels something special from within. Just take some time out and gloss through the beautiful gold ornaments and whacky piercings that we have brought for you. Generally used for traditional jewel artifacts, our designers have added a different dimension to this metal. Crafted with perfection, you will be surely bedazzled by the unique piercings that we have made from this precious metal.

From Costly to Affordable ones
We understand your pocket, and so we have got a whole range of Gold accessories that can be most affordable too. Surprised? Do not be, we have a whole array of piercings that we have made from 9Karat gold, that are cheap on your pockets, yet worth every penny spent. There has been no compromise as far as quality goes, the only differentiator is the weight of the metal used. While those willing to splurge can choose from the 18 karat range of jewels, while those looking for a little economical range of jewels there are a wide range of 14 karat and 12 karat gold piercings available. If you want one of those stone studded jewels, we also have that for you.

Designs for nose
Our gold range has a lot to offer for those of you who are looking for nose rings and nose studs. There are simpler designs like the 14 karat plain gold star shaped nose screw, or the heart shaped nose screws that can be used for daily wear. However, if you want some more embellishments, take a pick at the Diamond studded pure gold Nose pin either in golden hue or while color. There are bio-plast nose screws too, that would be comparatively on the lower range.

Designs for ear
We have a good range of gold earrings too. Starting from the floral patterns that are ornate and perfect for a lavish occasion, we also have the more staid ones too. Try the gem studded ear rings that we have in our collection.

A whole range of quirky piercings
Apart from these we have a huge collection of cheap labret jewelry and belly rings in store. The exquisitely crafted dragonfly belly rings are just the ones for you. The 14 Karat Dolphin designed naval ring is the one you would yearn for.

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