Gold earrings are the trendiest thing to go for

Modern women are ditching junk jewelry and going back to the good old gold. Yellow gold is no more a traditional thing. Trendy designs and beautiful patterns in gold along with reasonable price can be your best bet for the upcoming party or big occasion.

Why opt for gold jewelry:
If you are confused whether to opt for gold or other jewelry, here’s why you can don a piece of gold ornament and look as stylish as ever:

  • Gold is classic. The beautiful warm yellow glow that comes from any gold piece works very well with almost any skin and hair color.
  • Gold pieces in inventive designs can go very well with different outfits.
  • You can now get amazing gold ornaments that are quite light in weight. Hence adding to the convenient factor.
  • Gold prices are coming down as opposed to diamond or platinum.

How to choose the perfect gold earrings:
Gold earrings, in case you have not noticed, have always been in fashion. Most often they make for the perfect addition to a woman’s accessories. However what kind of earring you choose, depend on a number of factors like the event you are going to, style and personality, the shape of your face and your height.

Occasion:  there are different gold earrings available for different events. There are no specific rules but it is always good to follow few concepts. For example: if you are going for a traditional Hindu wedding, you can adorn your ears with long and intricately detailed earrings; whereas for a workplace event, you can put on a stud or an ear hoop.  Whatever you choose, be sure you have a complementing outfit to play along.

Style:  your personal sense of style plays a big role in choosing earrings. If you are someone with a bit of adventure in you, you can wear gold earrings to add that boldness in your look. IF you are a wild party-goer, you can tone down for a quiet dinner by wearing a simple but elegant stud.

Appearance: If you are a tall person, you can wear big gold hoops to enhance your look further. On the other hand, a short woman can wear beautiful gold studs and stand out.
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