Gold Body Jewelry -Gold is Bold!

Want to cast yourself in a fashion that would impel all heads to turn at you? Then go for Gold, the perpetual metal is always a fair choice when chosen for a pierced site beneath your steamy lower lip or right on the tragus of your offers a unique range of bio-plast labrets with various designs in gold to match your varying moods at an astonishingly affordable price.

Why Gold?
Gold, because nothing else can be compared to this metal. A symbol of wealth and prosperity, this metal is shiny and deep yellow in color that would give your lip, an additional glow and prominence. Gold is also very flexible i.e. it can be molded into any shape or size you wish. That is why at pierce body you get to try out exclusive dolphin head designs or a funny foot head labrets. Most importantly, Gold is resistant to corrosion and is therefore, safest for your skin, and loveliest for your personality.

What is a bio-plast?
Bio plast is an alternative to metallic surgical steel or titanium body jewelry that offers several benefits.

  • Bio-plast can be sterilized which will kill germs and ensure that the labret is safe to wear.
  • Bio-plast is more flexible than other metallic body jewelry. It can be cut into any size and the gold may be inserted into it.
  • Bio-plast is found to be safe because of its bio-compatibility. It is important for the body to accept a new piercing to avoid risk of infection.

 Bio-plast labret with gold head:
One of the most precious metals that remained popular throughout time immemorial has been gold. However, it has been difficult to buy ornaments made with it because of its value. Yet now it has been possible to customize your labret jewelry according to your specific needs, using only the highest quality materials, including nickel-free 14K gold along with flexible bio-plast and various stone settings. This creates a variance in labret styles to suite the piercing needs on one hand, while on the other, it is highly reasonable from the economic point of view.

At this day of dynamism, with constant craze for body modification culture, there is also constant fabrication of pristine methods and new jewelry that manifest into new styles of piercing. But, be it a single -way piercing like Medusa, Monroe or Madonna piercing or be it a multiple-way piercing like Angel-bite, Snake- bite or Dolphin-bite, a bio-plast labret with gold head marks your style with simplicity that borders on the sublime.

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