11 Stunning Gold Belly Button Ring to Adorn Your Look

Varieties to Explore with Gold Belly Button Ring

First of all, a Gold belly button ring has become famous among the navel jewelry aficionados across the world. They are sexy, classy and decadent that forms a fashionable establishment from the basic surgical steel belly button rings.

Gold Belly Button Ring

Navel rings come out in different types, designs, varieties and also styles. As a result, it produces out of distinct materials like gold, gold plated and surgical grade stainless steel. Furthermore, it also includes acrylic, PTFE and bio flex. The gold belly button ring is even studded with pearls, jewel and gems to offer them an attractive and lustrous look.

Consequently, gold as well as gold plated belly button rings has been the greatest interest for all fashion loving people. Because of its features of shimmering and sparkling gold sported with jewels and also gems that renders enchanting and gorgeous look to the wearer.

Gold Belly Button Ring with Gems

Nowadays, due to a buyer has the wider option of purchasing enormous collections, like gold plated navel ring, fancy belly ring with pendant, gem paves dangle ring, chandelier navel ring and so on. As the interest for solid gold belly button piercing kit is less common by the piercing enthusiasts. They can also discover the choice of 14K solid yellow gold fancy belly button ring and many other solid gold navel ring styles. The choice is unlimited and online stores have all these varieties to meet the ardent passion and desire of the buyer.

Colorful Gold Belly Button Ring

Inspiring Gold Belly Button Rings Ideas to Check

  1. Princess Tennis Bracelet Inspired 14k Gold Dangle Belly Button Ring

This 14k gold navel ring reveals modern sensibility with classic sophistication. You are sure to admire the beauty of this top down white gold belly button rings at your first glance. This belly button ring is composed of channel-set princess cut gemstones measuring 3mm and is completed in a gold bottom ball measuring 4mm. The whole navel ring is designed using nickel-free 14k solid gold.

Gold Belly Button Ring Designs

  1. Diamond Windmill Flower Gold Belly Button Rings

This is a pretty flower shapes gold navel ring featuring a genuine precious stone at the center. This gold belly button ring is produced from nickel free 14k gold and attached with a top ball that measures size 4mm. The gold heart is wide 10mm

Gold Belly Button Ring

  1. Round Solitaire Yellow Gold Navel Ring

Reward yourself and grab the attention of others by wearing this highly sophisticated belly button ring. Featuring gold top ball, this navel ring also sports a splendid piece of cubic Zirconia gemstone. You need not worry about allergic reaction to skin or any other irritation much as by wearing this body jewelry as it is made of nickel-free gold.

Gold Belly Button Ring Stones

  1. Yellow Gold 4 and 6mm Ball Curved Navel Belly Button Ring

This is truly a classic ring that is certain to accentuate your complete charm. Simple yet elegant, this gold belly button rings glow with gold plating all over. The top of the ring is featured with 4mm gold ball, while the bottom is featured with a ball of size 6mm. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a simple and impressive gold navel ring.

Gold Belly Button Ring with Initials

  1. Gold Belly Button Rings Featuring Opal Heart with Cubic Zirconia Outline

This heart designed belly button ring is definite to bring about elegance as well as romance to your style. The shining CZ’s frame the replicated opal, which makes this admirable cute belly button rings. Crafted completely from nickel-free, the wearer can ensure the best use of the ring.

Gold Belly Button Ring Prices

  1. Pristine Garnet Solitaire Yellow Gold Belly Button Rings

Simple and gorgeous with just the required amount of shimmer is all about this serene garnet solitaire gold navel ring. The highly intense red set in the garnet offers a notable contrast to the more subtle tones of gold, making it an ideal belly button ring that is worth buying. Also to reflect a glamorous look, this is a suitable pick.

Cute Gold Belly Button Rings

  1. CZ Solitaire Featuring Pave Accents Yellow Gold Belly Button Rings

This is a perfect classic design that you will adore for more years to come. This shimmering belly butting ring sports a spectacular pave setting with a 5mm bezel-set cubic zirconia surrounding the pave setting. The design of this belly button ring indicates eternity and strength.

Dangling Gold Belly Button Ring

  1. White Opal and Genuine Gold Belly Button Rings

For any piercing enthusiast, this gold belly button ring is going to pamper them with its simple and sophisticated style. Sporting a oval shaped alluring stone, you can able to reveal that hot side of you by wearing this exotic piece of belly button ring. You can wear these gold belly button rings for any event or party to reflect an ideal fashion statement and make heads turn back at you.

Gold Belly Button Ring Costs

  1. CZ Encrusted Halo Gold Reverse Dangle Navel Ring

A decadent radiance of prong set CZ’s offers this piece an unmatchable amount of sparkle. This unique gold belly button ring features reverse dangle design that holds this navel ring where it must be, thus making look pleasing. The highlighted part of this belly button ring is the reverse dangle design that it features. Hence, if you want to stand unique, you should try out this belly butting ring sporting an ideal design.

Gold Belly Button Ring design

  1. Cubic Zirconia Round Gold Reverse Dangle Belly Ring

Once you look at this design, you will definitely feel that it is one of the cutest designs that you ever has before. This pretty belly ring is featured with bezel-set cubic zirconia that hangs down your ring. This is made of a solid 14k yellow gold sporting 14k gold top ball.

Double Gold Belly Button Rings

  1. Lover’s Collection Decadent Heart Cubic Zirconia Belly Button Ring

This heart designed cubic zirconia belly button ring has been a great hit among the navel piercing jewelry collection. The incredible heart dangle is covered with CZ’s that deliver just the right amount of glow. The heart charm is not attached. Hence it allows to move around. It is a suitable pick for someone who is on the move and wishes to look their best because of its affordable belly button piercing price.

Gold Belly Button Ring


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