Gold ball end nose pins in a mini box set- an eye dazzling collection

Assorted 14K Yellow Gold Ball End Nose Pins in Mini BoxThere is no doubt that piercings are all in rage. You can do it on any parts of your body, be it the conventional eye piercing or the very edgy tongue or naval piercings. Nose piercings are perhaps the second most popular piercing just after ear piercing. But there are so many options available on the types of nose piercings. Obviously, we are not suggesting you to go for three or five piercings on your nose surface, that’d just be creepy, but a couple of them won’t hurt and would always make you look different. Most importantly, nose piercings does not hurt much. The healing process is relatively quicker when compared to other body piercings.

But you might just be the subtle kind who prefers to keep it simple. In fact, this kind of piercing suits almost every personality. So a simple nose piercing on the left nostril is all that you have done and now you want a jewelry that would complement your style statement which is again, classy. Well, you have come to the right place. We should tell you, that most of the types of nose jewelries like studs or cuffs look great on a piercing like this. You can also settle for the simple gold tiny nose pin. This kind of jewellery is a small piece chiefly devoid of straight backing and presented with a tiny drop ball that will rest on the surface of the nose.

At, we have a gorgeous Gold ball end nose pins in a mini box set that would be just perfect for you! There are 20 pieces in this collection. The material for each item is 14K  ball ends nose pinssolid yellow gold. The thickness and length of each piece is 22gram and 6mm respectively. The beauty of this mini box is that there are various designs available here. While you have the simple gold balls, there are other intricate designs like circular geometric shapes, stars and cherries. It is a very quaint collection, a perfect gift for a person with an elegant taste in jewelry. You can gift this to your beloved on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary. The box is priced at $72.04, quite a reasonable price considering the contents of the mini box.

This awesome collection is in stock.

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