Gold Anodized Segment Rings

Gold Anodized Segment RingsSegment rings are great alternatives to captive bead rings. So, if you are not really comfortable in a captive bead ring, you can definitely go for a segment gold anodized ring. It is cool, comfortable and sexy at the same time. Segment rings can be worn anywhere from nose to ears, from lips to nipples. It provides a seamless look as compared to other piercings. It is easy to wear and remove which will enable you to wear it with a matching outfit. Piercebody brings some lovely segment rings at competitive price and the gold anodized segment rings are really beautiful.

Gold has its charm and of course its loyal buyers. Almost everybody in this whole wide world loves to wear golden jewelry rings. People have been crazy about gold jewelry since times immemorial. In the ancient ages Egyptian Pharaohs loved wearing golden jewelry. In fact, gold jewelry had become the status parameter for any royal family all around the world. Many people could not afford gold jewelry, for them gold anodized plated and gold anodized jewelry was made available by designers and retailers. So, you do not have to worry about the price of the segment ring since it can fit in your budget even if it’s a meager pocket money.

Whether you wish to gift it to your first girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or on her birthday, you can buy the gold anodized segment ring from piercebody and present it to her. Now, the best part about wearing a segment ring is that it is pretty but occupies little space on whichever body part you wish to get pierced. In fact, it looks quite elegant and will fit perfectly well. Whether you are in casual or formal attire the segment ring will suit you. Moreover, you can remove it from your nose and put it on your ear for a change or anywhere else to transform yourself. The segment ring is one of the most versatile body jewelries of all.

In fact, not only women, men are also fond of gold jewelries to adorn themselves. In old times men used to wear lots of jewelries to make them look handsome and powerful. The trend has come back though the amount of jewelry is less nowadays. But, men at this age are also fond of wearing gold anodized  lips piercing jewelry items. The segment ring is quite an androgynous item so men can also try wearing it on eyebrows or ears to look equally attractive.

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