Gold Anodised 316l Surgical Steel Madonna Labrets

Wearing a labret is sure to make all eyes rivet towards you. However, you have to make sure that your lower lip piercing has healed properly first. No worries on this score though as the lip piercings are known to heal fairly quickly without giving you any trouble. The time has now come to go shopping. Excitement is in the air for you will be buying a special adornment for your lower lip that will highlight the piercing that you hope to flaunt to the world.

You do need to check the material of your lip jewelry first and foremost. Safety is indeed crucial here for you just cannot afford to move around with a swollen lip or skin eruptions bang in the middle of your face courtesy your lip piercing jewelry. It would be wise, therefore, to log into as this is an online store that has only the finest and the best of items for all kinds of body piercings.

316L stainless steel is something that you would have no qualms buying simply because it is considered to be one of the safest materials for piercing jewelry. This anti corrosive and inert metal is sure to keep skin irritations and infections at bay while the common complaint of metal allergies is something that is almost unheard of when you choose stainless steel as the base material for your jewelry.

But why should you settle for a dull, whitish metal when you have the freedom to show off your lip piercing in a more attractive way? The selection is easy enough. Just glance around the display at and choose as many of those pretty gold anodized labret as you want. Remember that you will get it at a discounted price of $1.40 that happens to be the wholesale price. No, there will certainly be no dull moment here. You are free to select any color from red, blue, purple, peridot, lavender, and many more. The colored jewel gleams quietly on your lower lip while the gold anodized labret compliments the look while the stainless steel keeps infection away. Now, isn’t that a win-win situation?

The thread type as well as the base for your labret that is meant to go through your Madonna lip piercing is gold anodized too with every care taken to see that there is no accidental rubbing of the jewelry with your teeth and gum.

Go for it, you are sure to be happy with your choice!

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