Look Stunning with Glowing UV Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing has this new array of designs which makes it unique and these are made up of UV components. Hence, they have a visual glowing appeal in the dark and come in various sizes. They have a huge demand among people who love the rock culture and gothic styling and are suitable for regular wear. UV piercing jewelry is made of pure grade UV material which absorbs light and glows in the darkness. It comes in various colors that are visually attractive.

Body piercing is an art that glows as UV piercing jewelry to be the latest trendsetters. They come in designs with unique designs and styles along in various dimensions with customer satisfaction guarantee. This product is in constant demand where it is economical and skin friendly. It can be applied easily without any complications and loved by people of all cultures.

UV piercing

Popular UV Piercing Jewelry Designs and Styles

Ear Glowing Piercing Jewelry

  • Gauge Straight Barbells

This is a kind of UV piercing jewelry measures 00 gauges and is available in various designs. These heavy gauge piercings are in the shape of dumbbells with one detachable ball and can be used easily. They are a crowd pleaser with the glow in the dark feature because of the UV materials used. It is safe for human skin and is cheap to form lovable gifts for family and friends. Men and women can use this body jewelry for all party and regular daily wear.

  • UV Flesh Plug Tunnel

Ear piercing is made visibly attractive and stylish with the new set of UV transparent flesh plug tunnel. They have the shape of a UV flesh plug tunnel and they are used on skin piercing. They vary in sizes from 3mm to 24mm and studded on the visible surface with multiple numbers of CZ stones. It has synthetic gem stones of pure and clear cut. Having a visually grand feature, this UV piercing jewelry gives shine and sparkles to the ear when worn.

  • Screw Fit Flesh Tunnels

Ear piercings have been made easy and stylish with this new array of glow in the dark 10mm screw tunnel flesh piercing. They are completely made of UV material which is safe for piercings and has a visual appeal in the dark with its glowing nature. They have a funky look and these screw fit flesh tunnels are available in various sizes when custom made and they have a star logo made on the visual side and hence the constant demand and huge discounts on bulk orders are available. These body jewels are loved by men and women who are in love with the gothic and rock culture and they just increase the persona of the person who wears this ear jewelry.

uv piercings

  • Ear Expander

Ear piercing has been made easy and the healing process is made simple and quick with this new discovery of straight ear body stretchers. This body jewelry is made up of surgical steel which does not affect human skin with itchiness and infections. They are in the shape of straight studs which are ear stretchers and can be customized with stones and they are also cheap. These straight ear body stretchers glow in the dark and have a long life and can be worn along with casual and formal wear. They are used by both men and women and especially by people who love the rock and gothic culture.

  • Ear Plugs

People who are into the rock and gothic looks love this range of body jewelry. Ear plugs in 20mm are compact and unique for displaying the ear piercing and glow in the dark property because of the UV materials used in the logo. It is safe for the skin and preferable to use in parties, clubs and for daily wear with no hassles. They are available with huge discounts.

  • Fake Gauge

Fake gauge is another UV piercing jewelry type that is mainly used for everyday wear. It has made ear piercing very comfortable among the younger generation with user-friendly jewelry. These Fake gauge plugs are made with surgical steel and mixed with UV material. It also gives the glowing effect in the dark. Their sizes vary from 3mm to 8mm. These fake gauge ear plugs have been artistically painted with white dots which under the dark has a visual appeal. They are loved by men and women and are available in huge discounts. They can also be worn with casual wear all day and for parties, clubs and in the fashion industry.

ear flesh tunnel

Belly Ring UV Piercing

  • Flexi Barbells

The Flexi barbells are durable and funky at the same time. It promises you hours of fun and delight on the way. Do sneak secretly into a discotheque or a late night party sporting a bizarre star or a ball in candy stripes dangling from your lip and watch the reaction of your friends. The skin friendly and durable UV material does not only enhances your looks yet also protects you from skin irritations and allergies. It also helps you to stand out in a crowd too.

Multi-Purpose UV Jewelry

  • Gold Horseshoe Piercings

Body piercing has become an art form with million followers worldwide. It has a new range UV piercing jewelry that is the next breakthrough in fashionable jewelry. These gold horseshoe piercings is another type of UV piercing that is made of surgical steel and is coated with rose gold by PVD. This UV piercing has a grand visual appeal in the crowd when worn. It can be matched with formal and casual wear and has a long shelf life. They are also user-friendly with huge discounts and are loved by women globally.

  • Fake Piercing Rings

Fake piercing rings are the upcoming trend in piercing the tongue with ease and sensitivity. They have the shape of circular or horseshoe barbells that are made of surgical steel for strength and durability. It also has UV balls at both ends which are safe for the skin with no ill effects. These jewels can be used for piercing the lips, ear, and nasal septum. These UV piercings have long product life and available from sizes 8, 10, 12mm and 3mm ball size. They are in constant demand because of the low price and visual appeal and durability.

 uv cones

Tongue UV Piercing Jewelry

  • Tongue Barbells

Body piercing is an art form and tongue UV piercing is a very sensitive process. It is also a wild and sexy style statement. Men and women started flaunting these tongue barbells. These are made up of surgical steel and UV materials which have shining and glowing properties. It is also visible attraction when worn to parties, clubs, and events. Women add glamor by wearing this erotic body jewels. They have the shape of a straight barbell with UV balls on either side of the barbell. It also has a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 5 and 6mm and is in constant demand.

uv tongue

Nose Piercing in UV Materials


  • UV Nose Hoop Rings

Nose piercing has been made simple and elegant with this new array of 18 gauge nose hoop rings. It is made of surgical steel and UV and has the durability that is certified healthy for the skin. It has great demand because of the simplicity, sizes, and user-friendly feature. Men and women love to flaunt these UV piercing rings to parties, clubs and other social events. It’s also in demand and available at cheap prices in various sizes from 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 mm.

  • Straight Barbells

Another UV piercing design is made up of UV materials. It has glow in the dark and variety of colors mixed into them. They are measured in size of 0g gauge and appear like dumbbells with the balls but a little bulky. They are safe for human skin and are cheap and form perfect gift for friends and families.

  • UV Labrets

When it comes to body jewelry, the variety of designs available is bound to leave you spoilt for choice. The latest fad among people is the UV piercing loose balls which can be attached with Labrets. These have different sizes and shapes and react under the UV light to give a soft glow of its own. These loose balls are available with different logos printed on them. Thus the logo stands out when under the UV light. The UV loose balls measure 1.6x6mm. Mix logos will also be provided according to your wishes at extremely affordable prices.

  • Captive bead Rings

The newest introduction in the field of body jewelry is the UV piercing body jewelry. This UV body jewelry material is the one that reacts under the special UV lights. The ornaments under this category range from captive bead rings, body pierces, Labrets, etc. These are highly fashionable and can be found in various prints in a variety of colors. The prints range anything between tribal prints to gothic prints. The color ranges from black to neon colors. This is also inexpensive and is the easiest way to look fashionable and trendy with minimal efforts. This season make sure you pick your share of UV body jewelry materials.

uv banana ring

Eyebrow UV Piercing

  • Curved Barbell

Body piercing has become a cult now with followers who go to extremes to portray their love for body piercing as an art. The curved barbell is a slightly curved banana with balls at both ends and they are made of compact, medically certified surgical steel. It is suitable for human skin. They are made of UV material with glittering components with artistic craftsmanship so they glow in the dark with glitters. The curved barbell is an eye catching product because of their cheap prices. They are also applied for piercing the lips, eyebrow and mainly for the navel region.

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