Glow in the Dark with UV Balls Piercing Accessories

UV balls have become extremely popular these days as most people tend to look for this feature in their piercing jewelry. You can find these balls in various sections of your piercing jewelry such as barbells, labrets, studs and rings. These are available in a wide range of colors that emit light in the dark and are therefore different from several other varieties of piercing accessories. These are also quite affordable when it comes to price and therefore immensely popular among teenagers currently and people who prefer to wear some funky jewelry to match their mood and attire.

What’s Different about UV Balls?
As is evident from the name, the UV balls react to ultraviolet light. These are available in a wide range of shades and colors to make the area of piercing much more prominent when compared to other forms of body piercing jewelry. These can also be used to alter and customize your jewelry as per your preference and also used to replace missing balls in your jewelry. There are primarily two different types of UV balls. These include the captive or clip in balls while the other variety is the threaded balls.  While balls are used in ball closure rings, threaded balls are used as a part of the threaded stems such as labret studs, barbells and circular barbells. The UV balls have a unique combination of colors inside them. While some of them are made of surgical steel, others are made of acrylic. One can choose from the diverse options available in the market. These make some really colorful and interesting jewelry. They are also quite flexible.

Piercing Accessories with UV Balls
UV balls are fitted into body piercing jewelry suitable for genital piercing, eyebrow piercing, belly piercing, helix, lip piercing and standard lobe piercing. These are a convenient option for almost all kinds of body piercings done and therefore are widely preferred.

Where to Buy them from?
There are a host of places from where you can buy UV balls. Some of the most retailers provide their stuff online and therefore it’s a convenient option to make a purchase on the Internet. You can not only choose from a wide range of products but can also see whether they are available currently. You can choose the size of the ball and the preferred color and place your order. So without wasting any more time, start browsing for some really trendy UV balls and purchase them right away.

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