Wear Glass Plugs and Reveal a Stunning Look

Glass plugs form a great alternative to flesh tunnels that are used as jewelry for stretched piercing. Glass plugs are recently popular as gauge ear jewelry that is produced in alluring models to instantly catch the attention of the people. To wear Glass plugs, you need to have stretched piercing for your ear. It is a common technique of increasing the size of your piercing to accommodate the lower gauge ear jewelry.

Glass Plugs

If you check the way the jewelry gauge works, you will find that the lower the gauge, the more the diameter of the plugs inserted through the ears. Hence a 16g piercing is of 1.2 mm diameter and piercing of 18g is of 1.0 diameter. Few people call changing from 18 to 16g size as gauging up, whereas others call it as gauging down.

Glass PlugsHowever, the most significant factor to note is that the stretched piercings to wear higher diameter jewelry deals with changing to gauges with lower number. Getting done with stretched piercing on the ear to higher diameter is the popular practice among people who are fond of wearing plugs. Since plugs today are found made in exotic metals including silicone, wood, stone, glass, etc. people choose jewelry of their desired choice that suit them.

Glass Plugs

Why glass plugs are preferred?

Glass plugs come out in different varieties, forms and weights to accommodate the individual preference. You can even shop for glass plugs that are liquid filled or that have pebbles in it. The varieties are limitless to explore and you will definitely feel stunned to know about them. Glass is a handmade material, thus it can vary slightly in color, shape and size. Picking a beautiful and unique pair of plugs is easy if you browse through the collection of glass plugs online.

Glass Plugs

Pick the right plugs that are in style and fit

Why do you get your ear stretch and pierced in the first place? It is because you wish to flash out a fashion statement and choose for body-part modification to look completely wonderful. It is why different ear gauge piece available, to offer you a better appeal and charisma.

Let’s begin with tapers. They are used for ear gauging and cone-shaped materials used commonly for gauging ear stretch. Majority of the tapers are not more than 3 inches of acrylic or steel.

Glass Plugs

Some tapers are designed specifically to perform the insertion of jewelry or some other gauge effortlessly. Some people make use of tapers with creative design, whereas for others, tapers are just for the purpose of making ears fit for more stylish gauges.

One can also find fake tapers that come out in different designs, offering a gorgeous appearance of having a larger stretch than the original measurement of ear hole. More people opt for spiral tapers and also for its enchanting materials and attractive intricacy. Hooks or horns made of glass, plastic or stainless steel are also used popularly as ear gauges. They are designed easier to wear on the stretched ear and fit well with other jewelry apart from it, especially the white gold materials or the sterling silver.

Glass Plugs

Glass Plugs or tunnels also make the right option for ear gauges. The highly common tunnels are developed out of cooled-glass or liquid or even wood that are designed and crafted. These options can be definitely beautiful to wear, along with other options made of organic elements like buffalo horn. Tunnels tend to deliver different look at its hollow centers.

Of all the types discussed, the most common ear gauge jewelry would be plugs. Wood and glass are the most suitable materials for plugs, like tunnels. Organic expanders as well as plugs made of shell, stone, horns and animal bones are also right option of materials for plugs.

Let’s check out some of the glass plugs designs and their unique features.

Glass Plugs

  • Liquid filled glass plugs transliquid body jewelry

Glass plugs are always sold as a pair. These are handmade pieces of jewelry that have exclusive design and captivating appeal as it is liquid filled. You can see the liquid moving around within the jewelry. You could never seen this type of liquid filled body jewelry ever before.

The liquid used is typically oil colorants or distilled water. This pair of glass plugs is normally of 10 to 18mm size and the wearable area for plugs is 8 to 9mm. The overall width of this liquid filled glass plugs is around 15mm.

Glass Plugs

  • Opalite Glass Ear Plugs – Double flare saddle design

This is a round cut glass plugs that accommodate different materials, like opalite glass, natural stone, etc. The design of round cut with two sides flat is the more amazing model. Natural stones used for its make will differ in its pattern and color.

Whenever you buy glass plugs from online stores, you need to check the specification of the product. Especially, when it comes to glass plugs you should check the width of the jewelry and whether the size can suit you netter. You must also look at the additional photo that will show little variation among the available sizes.

Glass Plugs

  • Double Flare Ear Plugs with Encapsulated Blue Glass

This is no doubt the most sought after model as it produces double flare having encapsulated glass. The double flare is sure to make eyes turn. This is a handmade plug featuring materials like stainless steel and glass.

The double flare tunnel is the outer shell, having encapsulated colored blue glass. The overall width of this pair of glass ear plugs is 10mm, with flare being 1mm larger.

Glass Plugs

  • Pair of Glass Single Flared Solid Plugs

Style and simplicity is combined with this highly attractive and durable pair of glass plugs. This pair produces single flare that is excellent in transitioning towards next gauge size with utmost sterility and comfort.

The pair of single flared glass plugs is of 6g honey having wearable area is a standard length. The standard length is about 7/16 inches long for all gauges from 12g through half inches. The long length is half inches long for plugs up to 4 and 9/16 inches long for plugs of half inches.

Glass Plugs

  • Gorilla Glass Ruby Tunnels

These plugs are dark ruby red in color and stand out excellently if light hits them. Since they are very dark red, they are likely to look almost black when there is no light.

If you are a regular wearer of body jewelry, you would probably aware of the Gorilla glass, the top manufacturer of body modification jewelry that has a great reputation for perfection and high quality in designing their pieces. These gorilla glass ruby tunnels can be sterilized and autoclaved.

  • Double Flare BLACK WHITE Glass Plug

This is a double flare glass plug appearing in black and white color. Black and white is the most preferable color option for most of the wearer.

This particular pair plugs are sure to seek the attention of those who are looking for an exclusive piece of ear gauging jewelry. This is the suitable pick if one wants their plugs to show double flare.

Glass Plugs

Stretched piercing jewelry for lower gauge ear

Plugs are normally made of hard plastics or metal, however they can also be embellished with precious stones like diamond. The flesh tunnel or plugs can also be crafted in amber or crystal or some other materials like gold or platinum. Flesh tunnels cannot make any impact or drive attention when they are made of too small. It should be gauged or stretched wider. This is necessarily not a specialist technique, although few people have had it done professionally. The original piercing is done professionally with the help of needle to 16g.

Glass Plugs

Why get stretched piercing from professionals?

  • If you consider having stretched piercings to wear lower gauge ear jewelry and not yet over with your ears pierced, then it is better to get them done professionals.
  • New piercings, though, must be done at 16g and which means professional needle piercing that is typically painful and gets healed faster than punched piercing done using a gun.

Glass Plugs

  • Followed by every gauge step, you need to wait as long as your stretched piercing forms a thick layer of skin so as to stretch further in turn.
  • Any typical ear piercing takes about 6 to 10 weeks to be cured fully and it involves about eleven steps from 16g to a ½ inch. This means for ½ inch flesh tunnel, properly stretched, it could consume a minimum of fifteen months and about two years.

Glass Plugs

Stretched piercings to suit wider diameter ear jewelry is a great idea. All you need to do is searching through the right kind of ear gauging jewelry that will further spice up your stretched piercing.

Wearing the right jewelry for ear gauging is more important in order to make your painful moment during the time of piercing becomes a pleasure feel for the rest part of your life. Online stores will never leave you disappointed in this regard and will surely bring to your attention a large selection of plugs for ear gauging in a single click.


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