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Wearing a pair of ear rings these days is not only a fashion rage with women, but even the most modern metro sexual men loves to flaunt these accessories. Starting from film actors, your favorite singers to popular sportsmen, the demand for earrings is ever increasing. Keeping that in mind, we have unleashed a whole new collection of earrings from studs to ear drops just perfect for the fashionistas. You get a wonderful chance to explore designs that cut across genders. What’s more? You get to avail the most of our discounts to gift yourself or your loved ones with these unique pair of accessories.

Available Metals
We understand the need for the hour and so we bring you a huge collection of ear rings crafted from multifarious metals to choose from. Available in different shapes and sizes, we have the right product to suit umpteen pockets with different strength. The vast array of earrings is affordable yet, something where we have not compromised on the quality. The metals that range from superior quality surgical steel, to items made from high quality fiber have been closely crafted and tested so that you do not experience any kind of discomfort or irritation on wearing them.

Apart from the steel collection, you will also get very innovative and whacky stuff made from Ultra Violet materials. These materials are finely used to create a riot of colors even when you are set in a silhouette backdrop.

A plethora of offbeat designs
Crafted with utmost perfection, we have some of the most exquisite designs in store for you. Although this range is the most affordable and there has been no use of any precious metal, the designs and the splurge of colors are sure to set you in a tizzy. Try the Ultra Violet (UV) range of products, which would remain illuminated even in extreme darkness. These are available in various shapes like Diamonds, Star-shaped or the Floral shaped.

For the masculine look, our surgical steel spike earrings are the best choice. These ear rings can be used directly to get your ears pierced. Do not wait any more, our clearance stocks are fast evaporating. Before they completely dissolve get the right pair of earrings for yourself, that too by spending only nuts. Browse through our collection and find the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one!

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