Get hold of best quality Plugs for ear jewellery

Give a classic touch to your ears with elegant ear jewelry. Are you looking for ear plugs that suit your jewelry? Then just check out our range of trendy and cool ear plugs. Plugs of various sizes and shapes are available for wholesale and retail orders.

We have a wide selection of ear stretching jewelry available in materials like titanium, acrylic and silicon.


SS CZ Bezel Set Screw Flesh Tunnels

If you are looking forward to stretch your piercing, then you can use 0mm flesh tunnel to size for your ears. Try out some cool UV Tunnels for ears which are available in arrange of colors.

These plugs are easy to wear, lightweight and easy to insert. Available in quite affordable prices, these can be worn at any time of the day. Whether you want a plug tunnel 4mm or 8mm, tunnels of several shapes and materials are available for you to pick and choose.

Embossed Marijuana Silicone Ear Plug

Ear stretchers are available in various sizes and shapes. Go for a cool green 10mm stretcher, which can really make you stretch your ear piercing without any pain. These tunnels and ear plugs are made of materials which sit comfortably on your skin.

Select from our wide range of ear plugs and gauges which can make your ear stretching experience a painless one. Create a bold look with our cool ear gauge sale. These gauges are available in a range of colors and designs that you will find it difficult to choose one.

Try out our new and exciting range of flesh and piercing tunnels. A piercing tunnel 8 mm of UV material could
be the ideal to stretch your ear piercing. Made up of lightweight material, it is easy to insert and remove.

Available in arrange of colors, you can use them with any outfit also.

You can try our 2g vibrant tunnels buy online offer and get the maximum value for the money you have spent. These vibrant looking tunnels come in a variety of colors and materials which will make your ear piercing comfortable and healthy all day long.

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